Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Secret of Thankfulness

1. warm baths 2. when I wake up facing the beautiful window with all sweet baby boy’s clothes and toys displayed and the sun is shining through 3. a cold banana and a cold bowl of cereal in the morning 4. getting to live across the street from family. Joey just picked up Lucy from […]

On Being With Child.

Pregnancy really is a wonderful thing. In just nine months, a single cell miraculously grows into a baby.  I get to experience this miracle every day. For future reference, I want to document the best, worst, and most surprising things about my pregnancy (so far): Weeks along: 28 (3rd Trimester) Best things about my pregnancy: […]

Back to Blogging!

It feels good to be blogging again.  Much has changed since my last blog post (see avoidingawkward): married, graduated, expecting first child in roughly 82 days…though I still don’t have much to offer the blogosphere, I enjoy writing and chronicling my (and my family’s) life.  I hope to use this blog for several purposes: to […]