Pre-Baby Getaway!!

As most of you probably know, Joey and I were BLESSED BEYOND ALL REASON with the opportunity given to us to go on a little pre-baby getaway (some might call it a “babymoon”)!! Let me tell you: it was AMAZING. Some highlights:

1. On Thursday, we ate dinner at Whole Foods in Bee Cave then took dessert to Star Hill Ranch, where we got married. The owner was kind enough to give us the gate code and let us go in by ourselves at night!! It was perfect. We got to reminisce about that perfect day of our wedding, wander about the different buildings, and take chairs out into the street that divided the buildings and eat under the starlight (as well as under blankets – it was a bit chilly!). We talked, listened to music, and danced <3.

2. Joey scored us an awesome hotel at a really good price in Fredericksburg on Thursday night. We crashed when we got there but the next morning we were treated with a quite nice continental breakfast (they had waffles!) AND the place had a heated pool and hot-tub outside. Brilliant. So of course we went swimming :) It was pretty sunny and the pool was the perfect temperature. So fun!

3. Hanging out in Fredericksburg for a few hours Thursday afternoon.

4. Our cabin, called Chanticleer Cabin. Simply amazing. So tranquil, quaint, beautiful, and secluded! Complete with hammock. And a screened porch with a fireplace. And two miniature donkeys. We stayed there Friday and Saturday nights. I relished in the quiet surroundings and the beautiful sound of the birds chirping in the mornings. Ahhhh…..

5. The weather! It was PERFECT as far as February weather goes. In the 70’s during the day, sunny and clear skies. Was chilly in the morning and night but with the fireplace we were set!

6. River City Grille on Friday night. Marble Falls was only about 20 minutes away from our cabin, so we went out for dinner on the town. This restaurant overlooked a lake–we sat outside and watched the sun go down while we ate chips and queso as an appetizer. Beautiful and delicious!

7. Watching a movie in the screened porch with the fireplace on <3 I roasted some marshmallows. It was lovely.

8. Exploring the property and walking down to the “lake” (which was REALLY dried up. But that’s okay!).

9. Eating pizza for dinner on the patio outside our cabin while the sun went down on Saturday night.

10. Most of all, I loved being with my husband. Today we were reminiscing about our trip and he asked me what my favorite part was. My answer was that though the experiences were fun, what I really enjoyed was just being with him. We talked, laughed, played, and rested with each other, completely focused on one another the whole time. I love that we can spend all day, every day with each other and never get tired of one another (for the most part ;).

One thing I realized on this trip is how much I have grown in love for Joey since we got married. One significant way is that I learn more every day that Joey is Joey. The Joey I married–a loving, gentle, humble, hard-working man–is the Joey I am with now. Obviously, he has grown since we have gotten married, but in my opinion he has only gotten better! I feel so safe with him because of his consistency. I love the way that he drives carefully. I love the way that he cares for my safety. I love the way he rubs my back when it hurts (often without me having to ask). I love the way he still holds my hand. I love the way he smiles at me and asks me about my day. I love the way he works hard to provide for our family. I am so confident that he’s going to be an amazing father because he takes such good care of me. How much more will he love and care for a child who is unable to care for themselves. Joey is a man who is committed to the values he holds close. And he’s committed for life. I never worry that one day he’s going to get tired of taking care of me or start acting outside of his character. I grow in love for him as I see how steadfast he is in his love. He’s not putting on a show; it’s who he is!

Thank you, LORD, for this amazing opportunity Joey and I had! And thank you for Joey. He is such a joy and blessing to me, every single day. Thank you for baby Arden. I can’t wait to meet him! Though I know much will change when he is born I am excited and ready to jump into the deep end and go for it.

A few pictures from our weekend:


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