The Joys of this Season

I just want to record, in a simple list, the joys of this season–“this” season being the last couple months, weeks, and days before we become a family of three. Though my heart so wants to quicken the arrival of our little Arden, I know I must slow down and drink it all in…

1. Valentine’s day for two.  We had another sweet one this year <3. I’m telling you, Joey Wahlquist is the best husband any girl could ask for, especially on Valentine’s day. He does not roll his eyes, go off on diatribes about how this holiday is all about making money and competition and superficiality, or assume that I don’t want anything if I don’t state my specific expectations. In actuality I did not expect very much this one because we just had our special getaway. But my Joey came through again :). I dressed up, cleaned up the house, made a heart-shaped white-cake-chocolate-icing cake for him, and got him a Snickers bar. And, since Joey knows that I am a “homebody” at heart, he picked up Olive Garden (just like last year) for us (avoiding the 1 or 2-hour wait), rented “Here Comes the Boom” from Red Box (which he actually RESERVED to make sure that we got the movie!! This was very impressive. We have had bad luck with Red Boxes lately), and brought me sunflowers, a super-cute Hallmark card, a new candle, and HEB Tres Leches cake <3. Some of my favorite things!! (Don’t judge me about the Hallmark card… sometimes, “cheese” really is the most fitting for the occasion.) We had a lovely, quiet night to ourselves in our house. No babysitters needed.

2. The excitement of my growing belly. I’m to the point where I get comments from friends and strangers alike almost every day about it. I don’t mind at all :)

3. Though not so much a “joy”, the fact that baby is all up on my ribs and making almost any position I am in uncomfortable is just a part of this time. It’s a reminder that baby is safe inside me, getting all he needs from my bloodstream–something I can do while I’m sleeping, Praise the Lord. :)

4. Speaking of sleep, Tylenol PM is pretty wonderful.

5. One more about sleep: sleeping in. Definitely a major joy of this season!

6. The weather has been mostly wonderful this February. Loving it!

7. Leading worship is always a joy for me. Lately it has been especially enjoyable and fun! Once baby comes I will be taking a significant break from it. I will soak up these last three weeks of leading.

8. I’ve started teaching PIANO LESSONS!!! Had my first one last week. Second lesson is today. First lesson with my niece Lucy is tomorrow. So fun!

9. Lifegroup has been great. I really feel like we are coming closer together as a community, something I have been praying for for a while now! I treasure this time. I have to often remind myself that I will not always be in community with these people. So I will enjoy it.

10. I still only need to do laundry once a week. Especially with the introduction of cloth diapers in the mix, laundry will become a multi-weekly occurrence (does that make sense?).

Thank you, Lord, for this season! Continue to grow our little baby and keep him in my “tummy” until the day you have planned for him to be introduced to the world. Thank you for my family of two. Help Joey and I to cherish this unique season.

LOVE you all <3

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