Baby Time Coming.

16 days til Arden’s due date :).

What a week this has been. Surprised to find out that I might be in the early stages of labor. 48 hours of consistent contractions. Wrapped my brain around the idea that we could be meeting our baby soon. Then it all stopped–leaving Joey and I confused. Still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that baby may not come for another 2 or more weeks.

But, in all of this–as always–there are many blessings. Extra time to finish the baby room and put together the pack-n-play and wash the cloth diapers. Extra time to go to the store and stock up our pantry, fridge, and freezer. More time with my love <3. And growing anticipation every day to meet the newest little love of my life!

Good news is – baby will come :). By the way I’m feeling (aching, SO much pressure, exhausted) you would think baby is coming any day now. But women walk around like this for weeks!!! So for the sake of my family I hope baby waits another week, but for the sake of my body I’m not so sure ;).

That is all! Can’t wait til I can post a labor and delivery post along with pictures of our beautiful little guy!!


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