The Gift of Waiting

We are officially 10 days away from the due date. Doctor says that my body is ready to have this baby. 3cm dilated, completely effaced, baby is in good position….now we just wait.

My good friend Robyn just had her baby this week, precious little Jubilee. Sarah and I went to go visit and meet the baby. I forget how tiny newborns are! Robyn and I have been pregnant together this whole time (until now!) — our due dates were only 5 days a part. Getting to meet their little girl grew my anticipation for the moment when Joey and I get to meet Arden. I tear up sometimes just thinking about it. What magic will be experienced in that moment….what joy….what wonder!

Ten days (or less, or maybe a few days more) away from our lives changing forever. Ten days away from saying good-bye to sleeping in and hello to diapers, swaddling, crying (the baby, that is), falling in love, little fingers and toes, and having a tiny person with me at all times, depending on me for his every need. Ten days away from being forever Mommy.

I’ve had a range of emotions in the past week or so–going from literally just sitting around waiting for real labor to start to hoping baby tarries just a little while longer so more things can get done on the house because we are so close!

As of now, I’m in a good place. Patience has never been my strong suit. But I’m learning. Waiting is a joy, a gift–If seen in the right perspective. It is so fitting that our baby is being born right at the turn of spring. February teased us; warm weather here and there mixed in with bouts of cold and wind and rain. But something has shifted this week. The color of the sky is starting to change into that deliciously deep blue that feels more alive. The sun feels warmer and the air smells fresher. Mornings are still a little chilly…but Spring is coming, and not a moment too soon. Though year after year I so badly want to hasten its arrival, it always comes at just the right time. After all, winter is a gift. Without it I would not appreciate the turn of the season into Spring as deeply.

Waiting is not an idle state. For me, though many things in my life have happened fast, I have still had to learn much about waiting. Waiting is a time for thankfulness, leaning into the Lord, gaining perspective, and letting go. Waiting is a time to serve. Waiting is a time to learn contentment. Waiting is a time to embrace the unknown–to relish in the void, the unanswered whys. Waiting is a time to let God be my Sustainer, Provider, Friend, Joy, Guide, Peace, Solid Rock. It’s a time to ask God, what do you want to be for me in this season?

Ten days is not a long time to wait. I want to make the most of all my waiting, while I can. Because once Spring comes, the opportunity has past. And Spring goes so quickly…

Much love to you all! Soon and very soon we will all get to hug and kiss the little miracle that has consumed our lives for the past 9 months.

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  1. Can’t wait! He will be here soon!

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