Arden Scott Wahlquist

Wow. What a thrilling, intense, exhilarating, exhausting, wonderful, and life-changing past 4 days it has been!

As you probably know, the precious little boy we have all been waiting for since July came right on time — on his due date, March 25, 2013. The crazy part is I was actually scheduled to be induced but ended up going into labor naturally (they did break my water, though) on that very day! I am very thankful for this – I did not want to be on Pitocin.

Giving birth to Arden was by far the most intense, exhausting, mentally and emotionally trying, challenging, and life-changing day for me yet. I was processing the events of March 25 earlier in my journal and was brought to tears remembering it all–all the pain, all the discouragement throughout the day as we all thought he would surely come by mid-afternoon and he ended up coming at 10:04pm. The countless times I told Joey that I couldn’t make it. The times I asked “how much longer?” during the looong pushing phase (a little over 2 1/2 hours) and the only reassurance my doctor could give me was that I was making progress. My breaking point when I couldn’t go on any longer; I had practically no break in between contractions, the pain and pressure was so intense it took my break away, it was all I could do to just try and get a few breaths in, my legs and arms were so shaky and weak Joey and the nurse had to hold them back for me while I pushed during at least the last hour. In desperation I asked my doctor, “Is there another way?” By the grace of God, she said that she would get the vacuum. About 10 or so minutes later our miracle was born and I felt instant relief (though I did not forget the pain! haha).

But I will blog the full story later.

What I’m trying to say is that I am completely in love. And I am completely on cloud nine! I have been in a constant state of euphoria it seems ever since he was born. My family kept saying that I looked so good for having just gone through a full day of labor. I really do think it was just the mommy glow, the relief and joy from knowing that it was OVER, our baby boy was HERE!!

These days, I spend my time in bed with him in the pack-n-play right next to me. I spend my time staring at him, feeding him, sleeping while he is sleeping, and just soaking it all in. Joey has been an amazing help this whole week. He is seriously my hero. Post-partum recovery is more challenging than I expected. But then again, so was labor. All this is to say….God is so good. SO faithful. And I am taking it in, receiving all the favor and glory and wonder of these first days of Arden’s life with thankfulness and praise to Him.


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