Monthly Archives: April 2013

Arden is One Month Old!

  The photos are a little out of order chronologically, but these are some of my favorite photos of Arden in the past month :) The top ones were taken today, with the help of my mom, outside in that cute little outfit. So precious! One Month Facts and Stats: Days alive so far: 31 […]

The Events of March 25, 2013

I want to document the events of March 25, 2013, so I can remember later on. I feel far enough removed from it now to do this without getting emotional ;) Note: Times and other details may not be completely accurate. I’m just going off of what I remember from the day. As the day […]

Thoughts on Motherhood

Still hard to believe that it was only 18 days ago that my life changed forever.  Some thoughts that have gone through my mind in the past two and a half weeks about being a mommy… 1. WOW, being a mom is way better than being pregnant!! (This thought crossed my mind very soon after […]