Thoughts on Motherhood

Still hard to believe that it was only 18 days ago that my life changed forever.  Some thoughts that have gone through my mind in the past two and a half weeks about being a mommy…

1. WOW, being a mom is way better than being pregnant!! (This thought crossed my mind very soon after giving birth. haha.)

2. Being a mom feels a lot more natural than I thought it would. Before meeting Arden, I mentally prepared myself for life with a baby. Joey and I had several conversations about how life as we know it was about to change–no more sleeping through the night for a while, no more spontaneous, long dates, dealing with consoling a fussy baby no matter what time it is, etc. But, really, doing the late-night feedings and the consoling and the countless diaper changes and the spit-ups and the getting pooed and peed on (etc.) hasn’t really felt like a sacrifice. It’s felt so right, if that makes sense.

3. Arden is simply perfect. I don’t remember much about the first time I held him (it was a blur!), but I do remember thinking he was perfect.

4. Being a mommy is fun :)

5. I have felt the weight of the responsibility I have now to care for Arden. I have already had to fight off fear of him getting hurt somehow. A human being’s life is in my care…a human with a hope and a future. One for which God has already appointed good works. It’s a lovely, scary thought!

6. He is in God’s hands. I keep having to remind myself that.

7. I love baby-land (what I’m currently calling our house).

8. The feeling of so much love and joy my heart might burst!


<3 All is right. All was in God’s timing. and it’s perfect!


  1. That is the first thing I noticed Molly, you are a natural mom. Love watching you guys love Arden. Hang on to The Lord in all things.
    When is Arden coming to Houston?!?!

  2. Yes, you were made for this, sweetie. I remember all the feelings you write about here (from a dad’s point of view) – the responsibility and everything, but you are right – he is God’s and he is in God’s hands. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in Arden’s life as he grows up. It’s going to be a work of art.

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