Arden is Two Months Old!

Oh how I love this baby of mine. Everyday I cannot count the times the thought, “he is literally the best/cutest baby ever” goes through my mind. These past two months have been amazing… Here’s to many more!


Height and weight: 23.5 inches, 13lbs 14oz! He is in 95th percentile in weight. Which doesn’t really surprise me. Love my little chunk!

Clothing and diaper size: He is mostly into 3-6month clothes, though some of his 0-3 month clothes still fit him.

Things he loves: His little jungle play mat, laying on his diaper changing table, making all kind of noises, taking naps, eating, and being held so he can see everything. He loves moving his arms and legs around wildly.

Things he doesn’t love: When he becomes overtired/overstimulated. He starts going ballistic! Cue, nap time. Also is still not a fan of baths.

Cute things he does: Makes cute noises!! He mostly make these sounds that sound like “goo” to me. The best is when we start “talking” back and forth to each other :). He also makes a lot of noise when I am singing or there is music on. He’s basically a musical genius ;). Still manages to get his arms out of swaddle and get them by his head when he sleeps. It’s adorable. He also smiles a LOT now, especially in the morning when he is well-rested!

Sleep habits: I got lucky with an amazing sleeper. He sleeps 8 or so hours at a time at night now! I am a huge fan of his sleeping habits ;). He takes great naps during the day and is loving his crib. Around 5 or 6 weeks I finally felt like we were getting on a good sleeping schedule and started reaping the benefits of he hard work it took to get there!

Nicknames: Baby A, Buddy, Little Guy, Big Guy, Cutie Pie, etc.

Comments most made about him: He’s so cute, he’s so big, he’s so long.

Love ya, big guy! So blessed to have you in my life! Can’t believe you are mine!








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  1. Molly, can you post pictures to your blog, great remembrance of the little fellow :)) well not so little as you can see babies grow up so quickly. Enjoy every moment. We play the vine of him crying and you all the time it makes us smile.

    Pray for me as I pray for you.

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