Love. Without exception… Without expectation… Without unspoken thoughts of disappointment. Without even a slight look of resentment, reserve, or mere routine. Love in bodily form-Jesus. Love that went all the way, even until the end, even until death. I feel incapable of this kind of love. And the part that offends me is that even in my inability to love this way, I am still loved that way. My ability to be loved is not revoked.

I want justice for myself. To be sentenced to a day without that unconditional love because I cannot give it in return though everything says I should be able to. Remember that your Father is kind to the unmerciful and evil…

But he knows that I would fall apart without that kind of love sustaining me. And he can’t not love – it’s who he is.

But I believe that he is faithful to teach me. I only need to be willing to learn…


  1. Molly, I’m wondering if a song is in you that must be written. What verses were running thru your mind in these thoughts?

    Please pray for me as I pray for you.

    1. Luke 6:35-36, John 15:12-13, Luke 7:47 were a few in my mind.
      Thanks for praying for me mama! I will pray for you – I love you!

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