Monthly Archives: July 2013

Arden is Four Months!

Not a whole lot has changed this past month but there are a few things here and there. It’s crazy that I have a four month old… I mean, that means he is practically six months which means he’s practically a year old. Which basically means he’s starting kindergarten soon…. ;) Height and weight: at […]

Dreaming and Doing in Invisible Seasons

I am a dreamer. I love imagining the future. What Arden will become… What I will accomplish… What the house will look like when it’s done… Where our family will live in ten years… And the list goes on. I am a doer. Wanna get me excited? Talk with me about an opportunity to start […]

Current Recommendations

Thought I would delight my three readers with a non-baby-related post. 😉 The lists that follow are things I recommend based on current experiences. Enjoy! Good Reads The Book of Proverbs. It’s been a while since I have read through the whole book chapter by chapter. It’s been awesome! I am on chapter 9 now […]

My Do-Over At 9 in the Morning

Something I jotted down in my journal last week. The Lord is still stirring these things in my heart… So I want to share. Because maybe you’ve felt this way before–hesitant to just receive grace and just move on. This happens to me at night sometimes; I am grumpy and have messed up in different […]

My 3 Month Old Baby

Oh, my heart is so full with love for my little guy. Every month gets sweeter<3 I won't do "stats" this time but will just tell you some about Arden these days. He is 3 months and one week old. 14 weeks plus a day. And he is still growing growing growing! Not sure how […]