My 3 Month Old Baby

Oh, my heart is so full with love for my little guy. Every month gets sweeter<3

I won't do "stats" this time but will just tell you some about Arden these days.

He is 3 months and one week old. 14 weeks plus a day. And he is still growing growing growing! Not sure how much he weighs at this point but my guess is 15 pounds at least. About 2 feet tall. Wears 3-6month clothing.

This little baby has a smile and a dimple that will just melt your heart. He giggles when I sing to him (a favorite recently has been "Pop! Goes the Weasel") and when his dad talks to him in a high-pitched voice. His pouty face when he is sad is the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. Those big lips just kill me!

Some of his favorite activities include sitting on his lounger and staring at the ceiling fan, laying on his diaper changer, playing in his little jungle play mat, jabbering, being held, talked and sang to, and, of course, sleeping. He is starting to be able to pull up toys or his blanket to his mouth to chew on. The toys he's seemed to pay attention to the most have been a little blue ball, a crinkly sounding soft baby book, and, most recently, Sophie the Giraffe (Grammy Cray is proud). I think his favorite toy is still his hands though.

He still typically doesn't like baths, though today I gave him one and sang to him the whole time and he didn't fuss, which is a big deal! He also hasn't tolerated "tummy time" well, so no rolling over yet. We're working on it :)

He is still sleeping great at night! Anywhere between 9-12 hours. Thank you Lord. :) Napping has been a bit more of an issue… Mainly him taking full naps. He had been waking up 45 minutes into his nap fussing for a while but I think we might be past that. I think he got thrown off of his schedule naturally from vacation. And then I think he had a growth spurt somewhere in there. So the past week he has been acting not like himself (more fussy than usual). Hopefully we are on the other side of that, though :). One of the hardest parts about takin care of a baby is that they are constantly changing. Once you finally feel like you have a routine down they go through a growth spurt or something and everything is thrown off. Keeps me on my toes ;).

This little guy is teaching me so much about being a mom. I've had many highs and lows recently, especially with him being more fussy. I have been challenged to pay more attention to his needs than to a schedule. Which should be obvious, but when it’s been hammered into your brain that he’s not supposed to eat right before a nap to calm him down and help him go to sleep because that makes eating a “prop” it’s hard to remember that even when he’s screaming because he’s so tired but potentially also hungry too because he’s on a growth spurt. But then you can’t help but love that relief you feel as you give in and feed him and he looks so content and drifts off to sleep without a fuss.

One thing is for sure: babies are unique, subject to change and in general probably don’t usually know what they want themselves. But I’m learning to really enjoy loving him. I get to reflect the Lord’s nurturing, caring, cherishing qualities to Arden as I love him unconditionally, protect him and attend to his needs without complaint or reserve. Selflessly. It’s a joy because I have been loved this way.

I feel like I have grown a lot, right along with the baby. Thank goodness babies come out as babies whose needs are very simple. It’s like, for a while we were both in survival mode: him as a baby, me as a mom. Doing the simplest things- feeding, eating, changing diaper, sleeping. As he has grown into a more alert, responsive baby who can now play with me so I have become able to multitask more and interact with my baby. I am more aware of his needs.

I look forward to growing more with you, Arden! We’re both a little over three months into this thing… Goin strong.












  1. Love them all. Sorry to miss being with you guys over the 4th but look forward to seeing you soon here in Houston :))

  2. I can’t believe he’s already 3 months! Good thing I’m already pregnant, because otherwise you’d definitely be giving me baby fever!!

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