Celebrating Five Months with my Baby Love

I don’t even know I’m going to be able to write this post and give the past month justice. I mean, seriously. Arden has grown so much and so much has happened! But I will try.

August has not been without its drama (see two posts down). To be honest, it’s been the hardest month yet. Troubles with breast feeding, extra fussiness, lots of schedule changes due to travel (and schedule going out the window on certain days), and his mom overall being a little bit of a mess. Just a little bit ;). Throw teething in there and it’s safe to say Arden has gone through a lot lately.

But I’m not going to focus on all that right now. I’m going to celebrate the MANY ways he has grown and developed lately!

Height and Weight: He actually lost some weight somewhere in there but I think he’s getting some of his chub back. I’m guessing he’s in the 15’s, maybe pushing 16. As for height, he’s almost 26 inches.

New Developments: Let me count the ways….

Rolling Over. This is the most major recent development. And the one I suspect Arden is having the most fun with :). First he rolled over from his tummy to back (after lots and lots of trying!). Joey and I were both there to see it. He did it like it was no big deal. So fun! And then a few days later (again, after lots of trying) he rolled over from his back to his tummy. Now he mostly rolls over from his back to tummy. In fact, it’s almost like he has forgotten how to do it the other way. I lay him down to let him play and within 30 seconds he has usually rolled over and then gotten frustrated about being on his tummy. So I wait a little bit, and then he gets really frustrated. So then I roll him back over. And then within a few minutes that scenario repeats himself. “Fun”… :)
General Increased Mobility. Beyond rolling over, he has this ability to kind of scoot himself around with his legs while sideways. It’s pretty funny to watch. He amuses me while he’s in his crib before or after (or during…) a nap. I watch on the monitor as he gradually does 180 turns in his crib.

Increased interest in toys and dexterity with them. He loves pretty much anything he can grab and stick in his mouth. He chews on EVERYTHING! And he wants to grab everything in sight. One of the cutest things he does is try and grab my face. His world is opening up all around him and he wants to feel everything to learn all about it. So fun!

More vocal. He seems to have one sound at a time that he likes to make over a span of a few days (or longer). For a while he kept just making these “aaaahh” sounds. Now he’s into this cute gurgling sound. But he definitely loves hearing his voice and trying out different sounds and volume levels!

Some amazing smiles and laughs. Just recently he has this new smile that he does. It’s the widest, most gummy smile imaginable. He wrinkles his nose and breathes in and out of his nose intensely and usually kicks his arms and legs as well :). It’s his “excited smile”. So cute! He does it very often now–just looking at him can set him off. He also giggles every once in a while. He has to get in the right mood, but when he is, he is giggles all around.

So, in general, there is a lot more interaction. That is what has made this stage so fun! I love when he responds to us.

Sleeping Habits: He still ever-faithfully sleeps through the night. Praise the Lord! Naps, on the other hand, are still a little bit of a problem. But some progress has been made in the past month in that he falls asleep pretty quickly. We stopped swaddling him for naps and just gave him a blankie to cuddle with. When he is tired (which happens often throughout the day), it usually takes him only 5 minutes or so to fall asleep, usually without a fuss. The main problem has been that he wakes up 45 minutes in to his nap and starts playing and rolling around and then, inevitably fussing. Ideally he would be taking two nice and long naps during the day but right now he’s still taking shorter, more frequent naps. But the boy sure does love his sleep.

He still doesn’t really like baths but he LOVES getting his diaper changed and wiped down :). He also is so intrigued by my phone. It’s been hard to get good pictures of his excited smile because when I hold up my phone he just stops and looks at it like he wants to grab it and eat it to figure out what it is. But I have managed to get some! So here are some of my favorite pictures this month–well, with a few sad ones that give a fuller picture of the month (excited smile pics toward the bottom)…

Arden’s first time on a plane! He did GREAT!




















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  1. Molly, love it all!!

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