Monthly Archives: September 2013

Much to be Thankful For

I must admit that my posts have, as of late, been a little, well, “down”. And though they truthfully have been reflective of where I am at right now–a season of brokenness/weakness (which I am all for-being drawn into repentance and dependence is always a win)– I think we can all agree life is still […]

The Miscarriage

Almost exactly a year and a half ago, I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Joey and I had, honestly, been trying (or at least not preventing…) to get pregnant for a while. 7 months to be exact. Which, look. I was 20. At that time in my life, waiting 7 months […]

Ode to Motherhood

Motherhood. moth·er ˈməT͟Hər/ noun noun: mother; plural noun: mothers 1. a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. A woman in relation to a child. A woman in relation to her hormones like shifting sand. A woman in relation to this thing we call motherhood. A woman who has […]