Much to be Thankful For

I must admit that my posts have, as of late, been a little, well, “down”. And though they truthfully have been reflective of where I am at right now–a season of brokenness/weakness (which I am all for-being drawn into repentance and dependence is always a win)– I think we can all agree life is still beautiful and having a baby is the best thing that has happened to me since marrying Joey. So in order to make sure that my posts FULLY reflect where I am at, I want to be intentional about sharing the many gifts and great things about this season. Because, honestly, sometimes I worry that I’m just going to miss this season because I am too busy trying to figure things out and be an awesome mom. Plus, I don’t want to look back at my blog years from now and think that I was constantly in this state of grief and survival mode. So this is a reminder that I AM REALLY ENJOYING LIFE RIGHT NOW! :)

So now, a list of good things going on!

1. As of yesterday, Joey and I are debt-free of everything except the house!!! Something you should know about Joey and I…we don’t have any student loan debt or car debt and we do not use a credit card. But we kind of have a knack at getting into situations where we end up with unexpected large expenses or needing to pay way more than we thought we needed to prepare for. Latest examples: found out there was an error on our 2011 taxes-largely in part to the complexities of Joey switching from contract labor to being an employee with his old job- and had to pay a large amount. Another example: BABY. Good. Heavens. Paid amount they told us we were going to need to pay after insurance before the delivery, then found out six months later we owe hospital a large four digit number because of a provision in the insurance policy neither we nor apparently the hospital knew about in which they would not cover any newborn expenses. And let me tell you. All that bathing him and taking his temperature and listening to his heartbeat apparently adds up to quite a bit of money. At least Joey cut the cord… Probably saved us a couple hundred bucks ;)

All joking aside, between our yearly property taxes, paying more than expected to have a baby and being in debt to the IRS, we have paid a number to other institutions so large that, well, let’s just say we could probably have finished the house with all that money. Not that I’m going to dwell on that. Cause that would be depressing…

But hey. My point is, Joey has worked really hard and God has provided–I’m amazed that we have been able to pay off debt and still have all the money we have needed and then some for bills, food, other expenses and I even went shopping the other weekend to buy some much-needed wardrobe staples :)

2. This really is a fun stage with Arden. Though I am ready for him to get to a place where he can entertain himself a little more, I’m loving all the giggles and smiles, goofy sounds, increasing mobility and dexterity, and starting to see some of his personality come out.

3. Got an espresso machine and I have been making lattes daily. Add that to the list of ways being a mommy has changed me! It started in India when I was pregnant and realized I liked coffee (in fact, that’s what made my team members suspect I was pregnant). Now, it’s something I enjoy and, really, helps get me through early mornings.

4. WORLD MANDATE IS THIS WEEKEND!!! My parents are coming to watch Arden. It’s gonna be a great weekend. My fourth WM!

5. My early mornings. I have come to love them and its been easier and easier to get up for them. I love the quiet and the solid alone time I get.

6. Teaching piano. I’m enjoying it so much! I have three students now :) I am enjoying getting more organized and gathering more resources. Definitely feeling a little more in top of things rather than winging it. I still am learning as I go but there’s so much grace for that when you are teaching 5-8 year olds.

7. All the light in our living room since the windows were put in. Glorious…

8. I have been feeling more on top of breakfast. Breakfast for the first two years of our marriage was basically fend-for-yourself and make some peanut butter toast. But I realized that breakfast really is important and that one day I’m going to need to feed tiny hungry people in the morning. So I figured I might as well start the habit now. I have mainly been making variations of oatmeal (which I never ate growing up but I have learned to like it — once I found out Joey likes it I figured it was worth a try) and smoothies.

9. The PBS “Create” channel–has tons of cooking shows with no commercials. I have come to love cooking shows. “Martha Bakes” comes on at 8:30pm. Love me some Martha Stewart!

10. A podcast I found out about through Sarah called “Three Moms and a Podcast”. I have been. OBSESSING. Over it since last Friday when I tried it out. It’s basically three moms who have 10 kids, cumulatively, ranging between ages 2-14. They are best friends and are hilarious together. They talk about lots of different topics having to do with parenting, from discipline to post partum recovery with lots of little tips along the way. And they are Christians too so they have great values. Their parenting styles are similar but are different enough to give some balance. I love it! I definitely recommend it.

Loving life,


  1. Molly, so proud of you, Joey, and Arden. Being debt free is such a freeing thing. PTL!
    Reading your thoughts makes me feel super-duper. Love you. papa

  2. Molly, love your heart for all things Joey and Baby A. Can hardly wait to visit for a cup of coffee, oatmeal, and smoothies, all things I love. And of course having some Molly time. Much love.

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