A Prelude

Hello, friends. It’s been a while. To be honest, I have been wanting to blog for some weeks now — nothing in particular, just random thoughts and ideas I want to process — but being Arden’s mommy has been making me quite a bit more busy than, say, in the first few months of his life. It is becoming increasingly more exhausting to care for him. Well, maybe “exhausting” is a little dramatic. But what I do know is that, whereas before he would take these awesome, long morning naps, he now naps for 45 minutes in the morning. Better than nothing, but 45 minutes is only enough time to really get one thing done, or otherwise be running around like a madwoman and spending all my energy (which I try to conserve as much as possible these days). And more often than not that time goes to sitting in silence, catching up on dishes, doing laundry, or getting dressed into real clothes while things like blogging and washing my hair get put back on the shelf to accomplish when Arden takes a longer nap. Yeah… I am not willing to admit how long it’s been since I’ve washed my hair.

I thought this morning was the morning when Arden was going to take a longer nap. I did everything I could think to set him up for success. I fed him some applesauce right before nap time so he was full, kept him up for two hours to make sure he was good and tired, dressed him warmly, all that jazz. But, alas. The first forty-five minutes were devoted to actually having a warm cup of coffee, eating some breakfast, and reading my Bible/journaling. Then when what I thought was the forty-five minute mark came along and I didn’t hear any noise from him, I was hesitantly excited about the possibility of getting some extra time. So I whipped out my laptop and then, as soon as I started writing this post, I heard him start to cry.


*twenty minute break while I feed him and get him situated in his pack-n-play*

*thirty minute break to wash my hair thanks to Joey and get Arden situated in front of Baby Einstein — bless whoever it is that invented this wonder — with some toys in the living room by my chair*


My mom will be here in five or ten minutes. I originally intended to write a blog post called “Capturing My Attention” about some things that have captured my attention lately and I want to expound on. But for now I will leave you in suspense. I bet I will get around to writing that post (along with Arden’s SEVEN MONTH post) sometime today or tomorrow, thanks to my mom being here.

I will post this one, not because it has any thoughts really worth sharing but because it has thoughts worth remembering. I am learning to savor the times. To ride each wave. Arden is changing so fast, before my eyes. I read his six month post and barely recognize him. I mean, of course, I remember him a month ago, and he doesn’t look all too different, but he has grown so much since then. He is saying so many new sounds and doing new things and becoming his own person with a (strong) will and sense of adventure and passion. I want to drink it in… to be okay with falling off the wagon of waking up early (except when Sarah and I go running…now THAT’s a wonder that I am still doing that) so I can “sleep in” til 7:30 when Arden usually wakes up to conserve more energy as naps during the day are not really happening very much and by 8pm I am pretty much wiped out. I’m okay with that. Because the circumstances and rhythms of our day might change in a month. And I am learning to not take myself so seriously and just savor this new mom time. I want to look back at these blog posts when I have multiple small children and laugh as I remember how clueless I was. I want to remember the smiles and giggles along with the kicks and screams and that funny but starting-to-get-slightly-annoying mad face Arden makes when he’s getting impatient. I want all of it. Because he’s only six months for one more day.

Mom’s here. PRAISE THE LORD!

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  1. Yes PTL for moms!! Enjoy your day Ms Molly

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