So…SEVEN Months!

So, here we are. Arden is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! I’m lovin’ being his momma more and more every day. I am so excited to share with you how he is doing — he is changing and growing and his fun personality is coming through!

Height and Weight: To be honest, I do not know. But I do know that he is almost as long as the diaper changer now and is pretty much just as long as the short length of his crib. Crazy!! So my guess is his length is pushing 28 inches.

Clothes Size: He is all-out wearing 6-9 month clothes now.

New Developments:
-He has a TOOTH now! It started coming in around 6 1/2 months. It’s so cute seeing a little tiny tooth in his smile :) He’s growing up1

-I’m pretty sure crawling is in the near future (my guess is it will be included in the eight month post…). I can tell he is ITCHING to do it. He doesn’t just sit up and play with toys now, he also puts his hands down and tries to move forward or sidways. And he often tumbles over as he is reaching for a toy or something and tries to get to it by kinda bunching up his legs and then stretching them out like a little worm. Haha. He can do 360 turns on his tummy by pivoting. Though he is not crawling, he is definitely “mobile”. Keeps me on my toes!

-All the new little sounds he’s making. He makes impressive bubble and gurgling noises (which he makes almost constantly it seems!) and, especially when he cries, makes these cute “yeh-yeh-yeh” and “deh-deh-deh” sounds. He’s definitely moved beyond just the “ah” sound to more “ay” and “ee” sounds paired with certain consonants. He makes a sound that sounds a lot like “hey”. It’s super cute.

Sleeping Habits: Well, as you have probably picked up from my posts, naps have kind of been a “thing” for us for a while now. I have accepted that it’s just going to take a while to settle into anything consistent or predictable, and that even then, he is a baby so things are constantly changing. He still sleeps wonderfully at night but cannot seem to settle into a good nap routine. There is nothing I can really do to make him take an hour and a half nap. I’ve died to that dream. He is mostly happy but he doesn’t wake up from naps that way! When he does take the more rare (and precious!!) hour and a half nap, he wakes up happier and seems more rested to me. I’ve accepted that the days of the glorious morning nap are over (can’t you just hear the weepy violin music playing?). At this point, I am putting most of my energy into setting him up for success for his afternoon nap because that’s the one that will stick (Lord-willing) for the long-haul ’til he’s in elementary. That’s the hope, at least…

Eating Habits: Now, this….THIS we have settled into more of a routine ;). This boy likes to eat. He has a bottle in the morning, mid-morning, for lunch, afternoon, and then usually his evening milk is divided into a smaller bottle at dinner and then another smaller one right before bed. As for solids, we’ve settled into him eating something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day! I think it’s so fun making and feeding him solid food. It’s not only neat to make him something that makes him happy but it also provides more structure to the day. Right now he eats mashed banana, mashed avocado (usually mixed with banana), and pureed apple, pear, sweet potato, carrot, and butternut squash. I’m planning on introducing more things this coming week. He still is hesitant with newer foods and makes his funny faces but the second time I feed him something new he usually likes it. And, when in doubt, I mix it with pear! He loves pear.

I’m conflicted about when to start trying to introduce finger foods. A couple of my friends have told me about baby-led weaning (basically skipping the purees and just giving them soft finger foods from the start–they eat just about whatever you eat and the idea is that the babies apparently are less picky this way in the long run because they have been making choices with food and exploring rather than being “force fed”) but I don’t know if it will work with Arden yet. The idea of him feeding himself is fun (though it will be messy) but I’m still having fun making his food and feeding it to him. I might try and introduce easy finger foods little by little to get used to the idea (it takes him a while to adjust to new experiences with food). We’ll see how things go. I’m not in a rush.

Some of his Favorite Things:-Being outside. It ALWAYS keeps him calm and interested, even for as long as an hour. It’s great for me, especially when the weather is beautiful (and it has been lately). He will sit on a blanket in the shade and play with toys while watching cars go by. It’s wonderful.
-Getting off the blanket ;). This boy is adventurous! Recently when we have played outside he has been pulling the blanket toward him to expose the grass and dirt so he can get into it. Every once in a while I let him explore but other times I pull the blanket back up–mostly because EVERYTHING goes in his mouth these days and it’s just plain messy. Once he’s a little less orally-fixated I’ll let him explore more in the grass and stuff. He’s such a boy!
-He’s starting to lose interest in the baby toys he’s been playing with since he was just a couple months old and becoming more interested in things like plastic cups and napkins. And of course, he is always interested in anything he sees Joey and I holding, like our phones or the remote.  I whipped out some tupperware the other day along with some boxes to see if those things piqued his interest. The tupperware did some, the boxes not so much. Not yet at least. He also loves washcloths, his burp cloths, and taking his socks off and chewing on them. Haha!
-He still loves his hands! Especially in this teething season he can oft be found chewing on various fingers or his thumb.
-Rolling all around his crib :). I still don’t know how he gets from one corner of his crib to another in the middle of the night.
-Being a “super baby” by being held up in the air
-His bottle. I’d go so far as to say that he’s borderline obsessed…
-His paci. He is becoming incredibly skilled at finding it on the ground, picking it up, and putting in the right way. He also likes to just chew on it sideways. I guess it feels good on his gums.
-He still has a great fascination with Joey :). He definitely loves both of us and keeps his eyes on us in a room of other people. It’s fun knowing that we are the ones who know him the best and he still prefers us over others!

His Personality: One of the fun things about this age is that his personality is starting to shine through some. To be honest, he has taken me by surprise with some of these personality traits I see coming out! His temperament was so mellow for the first few months of his life that I expected him to be a pretty mellow child. Boy, was I wrong! Some words I would use (and some that others have used) to describe him are as follows…
-ACTIVE! He is always moving and always talking. My boy!
-Hard nut to crack (especially with trying to make him laugh!)
-Cutest baby ever — doesn’t have to do with personality but it’s still worth saying. Been true since day one and he still gets copious compliments on his eyes and smile especially ;)-A little impatient (even considering that he’s a baby. Again, my boy…)
-He knows what he wants and is passionate about getting it! He is, dare I say….ardent? ;)

I know that his personality will continue to develop and probably change some but this is who he is now. I am loving getting to know him more and am still amazed at how he transitioned right before my eyes from being a passive newborn to an active little baby. Looking back, I think the transition happened over time from about 4-6 months.


I just love this little guy. I’m still learning so much… this month in particular has been marked by these things (to name a few): Me just soaking it all in and enjoying him in the now. Accepting and loving him for who he is and who God has made him to be. Focusing on being his mom and learning more that that is my main ministry and assignment. Not taking myself so seriously. Loving life and being present. Being okay with the process. Slowing down. Switching from trying to fit him/being a mom into my life to figuring out how my life as a mom fits into other roles I have–and if it doesn’t fit into the flow of being Arden’s mom, considering making a change. Owning and loving the amazing honor of being a mom and recognizing the significance of that.


To end this post, I want to share a sweet moment I had with Arden today so I can remember when I look back. This afternoon after my mom left, Arden took an awesome hour and a half nap, and I took a little nap as well :). It was great. When he woke up I laid on the couch with him while he drank his bottle. Then, as I usually do, I kinda sat him up on my torso to see if he is interested in just playing and cuddling with me or if he is fidgety and wants to get on the ground and move around (you see, moments of just cuddling him are so rare these days! He is a mover!). He was pretty calm and content on me. Then something caught his eye. There was a napkin next to my face (why? I do not know). So he grabbed it and then for the next five minutes proceeded to play with it while smiling from ear to ear and laughing with me about it! He was just having an absolute ball with this napkin. It was so adorable and made ME smile and laugh, which made him smile and laugh even more :). It’s a silly little encounter we had, but it’s moments like those that I just want to bottle up and keep forever.

Now, for some pictures!



  1. Sweet memories and many more to come. Love the pictures.

  2. betharoberts · · Reply

    WOW! He’s so big. And so cute. I literally love him. And you are a great mommy :)

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