Monthly Archives: November 2013

To My Little 8 Month Old

To my little guy who is not so little anymore. To my boy who doesn’t want to cuddle or stay in one place all day until it’s nap time or bed time and he hears that sound machine and my gentle, rhythmic shushing and he melts in my arms. To my boy who has been […]

A Happy Baby is a Happy Mommy (& vice versa)

I just wanted to share with everyone just how happy both Arden and I have been lately. We had a turbulent couple weeks not too long ago, with sickness and teething and growth spurts and who knows what else, where he was just not his normal self–very fussy, clingy, and all around harder and more […]

A Great Gift

{inspired by the book of Hebrews, which I have been reading and writing out lately. Specifically today I read Hebrews 8:1-6 in the NLT. Good stuff…} The OLD perhaps more straightforward? Perhaps easier to believe in — no, to operate in. With what eyes can see & hands have built a System. knowledge of good […]

In Case You Need to Smile….

I am absolutely obsessed with this cute little hat I got for Arden today. Enjoy :)

My Man.

I don’t talk about Joey enough on this blog. So I wanted to write a little tribute post to him… 10 things I love about him! 1. His smile, and the way he looks at me. Makes me feel safe and loved. 2. How hard-working he is. If you follow me on Instagram you saw […]

Capture My Attention

So, I wanted to write this one a while back… a spare moment during Arden’s afternoon nap + remembering I kind of made it somewhat official that my goal was to blog three times a week makes for NOW being the perfect time! Just a list of some things that have been capturing my attention. […]

Wildly Loved

(You will see me posting more often in November, Lord-willing. I have a few goals just for the month of November — nothing too drastic, just simple things like washing my hair more often and doing a few random acts of kindness. But also to write and blog 3 times a week. The blogs will […]