A Great Gift

{inspired by the book of Hebrews, which I have been reading and writing out lately. Specifically today I read Hebrews 8:1-6 in the NLT. Good stuff…}

perhaps more straightforward?
Perhaps easier to believe in —
no, to operate in.
With what eyes can see
& hands have built
a System.
knowledge of good and evil.

but–a system not made ever to survive
long years of injustice
or a short life-span
of high priest after high priest
or the frailty of the human heart.
a system
With a thin string attached to heaven
Lest, it break and bell will ring
and wrath pour.
Everything according to pattern–just so.

(can a pattern penetrate the problem? can it withstand depravity?)

perhaps less systematic?
Yet much more intuitive
& wrapped up in the heart of that
same Father
Jesus to be the One High Priest
where faith is operative
and salvation is a gift
and weary eyes must meet Mercy
The Unseen
& say “My Lord and my God”…

a Gift
a gift which still stands
a Person seated in the place of honor
Beside the throne of the majestic God
a Minister, ever interceding
Where law is the form
But Love is the substance
and life can be lived
–all praise to the One who,
As High Priest and lowly lamb,
Bought with blood
His own blood
A better way into Holiness.

One comment

  1. Molly, this is beautifully written and oh so true. You are blessed and you are a blessing. Love.

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