A Happy Baby is a Happy Mommy (& vice versa)

I just wanted to share with everyone just how happy both Arden and I have been lately. We had a turbulent couple weeks not too long ago, with sickness and teething and growth spurts and who knows what else, where he was just not his normal self–very fussy, clingy, and all around harder and more exhausting to care for. But he is now happier than I think I have EVER seen him! He is growing and developing and learning faster than I can keep track of. He consistently responds to his name now, he’s basically pulling up, he has taken his first crawling step, he’s already cutting another tooth (another bottom one), AND it looks like he knows the sign for “milk” now. CRAZY! He’s been laughing and smiling SO much and it’s making my heart soar. He entertains himself and he is more fun to play with.

I have felt more of that joy and peace that I talked about a couple blog posts ago. That verse was a promise I sensed God was highlighting to me (“you will go out in joy and be led forth in peace”) and I have definitely experienced more of both. My heart is more settled and content with where I am at. I am less analytical and more experiential. Taking it all in, enjoying every moment and allowing myself to experience God’s grace in the everyday things.


That’s all :). Now for some pictures to display that smile I’m talking about. I can’t get enough of it!











  1. triciawahlquist · · Reply

    I didn’t get any pictures!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Molly, love the post and like you said that smile. He’s on the move :))

    See you very soon, MaMaw Please pray for me as I pray for you.



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