To My Little 8 Month Old

To my little guy who is not so little anymore.

To my boy who doesn’t want to cuddle or stay in one place all day until it’s nap time or bed time and he hears that sound machine and my gentle, rhythmic shushing and he melts in my arms.

To my boy who has been cutting three teeth and waking up two or three times in the middle of the night for the past week or two. (Don’t tell him, but I actually don’t mind all that much because the middle of the night cuddles were a blip on the screen and I miss those times, just a little.)

To my boy who melts my heart when he crawls toward me and into my lap. Sometimes you just want to have a buddy to play with and climb all over. Sometimes you just want to stand on me while you play with a toy. And sometimes you wiggle out of my lap just as quickly as you got in. But know that your momma’s lap is always open for you.

To my boy who has been laughing and giggling far more than he has been fussing lately and it’s working wonders on my soul. You have gained a sense of wonder and joy as the world is opening up around you and it makes life with you so fun. You laugh spontaneously and uncontrollably at things like kernels popping and the little cow puppet and it’s the cutest thing in the world.

To my boy who all of a sudden really likes baths. Thank goodness.

To my boy who loves to explore everything and is starting to do so in more ways than just chewing on things.

To my boy who randomly (before the whole cutting three teeth thing) started taking two naps, each an hour to an hour and a half long, and it made my heart soar.

To my boy who likes watching Baby Einstein while I have some chill time in my chair in the morning.

Happy eight months, Arden. As with every month you are almost a completely different baby from your last monthly update, yet I see qualities and parts of your personality that have not changed but only developed and taken on new form. This has been such a sweet time for me. I feel like we have both settled more. Things are less frantic and more fun. Less fussing and more laughing. Less surviving and more enjoying. More contentment, joy and thankfulness. The experience of being your mom grows richer and deeper every day.

To the most handsome eight month old around who I am proud to call my own. My love for you is stronger than ever. My heart is expanding and some days I think it might burst. You are more precious to your mom and dad than you will ever know. Here’s to month nine!

You and your new baby cousin, Eli!















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  1. So excited for you guys and this new (even more fun!) season with baby A :)

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