Arden is in the double digits in months now. WOW! I must say that he is still growing at what seems to be lightning speed…it’s hard to keep up. And I’m only, what, ten days behind on this ten month update, and it’s hard for me to remember what he was like ten days ago because there have been so many developments lately. So some of these things might technically belong in the future 11 month post… but whatever :)

It definitely seems like he is in some sort of transitional stage. Lately I have been noticing how toddler-like he is looking and acting, yet he is still definitely a baby in a lot of ways (of course, he will always be MY baby, and I will probably call him a baby long after he is technically considered a baby. But here I am using “baby” as a categorical term). It’s as if he is starting to slowly transition into toddler-hood. Some examples…

-The sudden disinterest in the paci. Not long after he turned 9 months he started refusing the paci. Maybe it was because he only used it at nap time or bedtime? So he associated it with sleep and didn’t want it because he didn’t want to go to sleep? Either way, he hasn’t used a paci in weeks now! He was never super obsessed with it in the first place, but it was a daily necessity for months. It’s kind of a blessing and a curse that he’s done with it now. The upside is that I won’t have to fight that battle when he gets older and is all kinds of attached to it. The downside is that it’s one more reminder that he is growing up! That and the fact that the paci performed wonderfully at, well, pacifying ;). I’m sure getting rid of the paci will not be this easy for every kid so I’ll just take it as a major blessing.

-He resists cuddling and being held like a baby now unless he’s REALLY tired. This, I am mourning. He still likes to be held at different points throughout the day, but he is SO STINKIN’ STRONG that if this boy doesn’t want to be held, then, by golly, he is going to practically wiggle out of my arms. A similar battle happens during diaper changing time. My goodness, it’s hard to change his diaper when he doesn’t want it!

-His meals are almost 100% finger foods (aside from me occasionally feeding him yogurt or applesauce). I must say that most of the time he eats like a pro (the other times, he just ends up swatting food onto the floor…). Some of his favorite foods are Cheerios (probably his absolute fave right now), banana, pineapple, cheese quesadillas, sweet potato fries, green beans, and yogurt. It’s a lot of mess to clean up, but it provides nutrition AND entertainment :)

-He can stand himself up, and stay standing, without any support now! I know this means that he will be walking soon…  Part of me is freaking out just a little about that fact. The house is feeling smaller and smaller the more mobile he gets! But, as with every new development, Arden does it when he’s ready and I will take it as it comes, with all the upsides and downsides.

With all that said, he is of course still a baby: he loves his bottle, still takes two naps (I will hold onto the morning nap for as long as he’ll let me!), and in general needs us for almost everything. But it’s becoming less and less of a far-fetched idea that he will be “toddling” around soon. And in some ways I’m ready for it…. I think.

Other random facts about him right now:

-He is SO verbal! His favorite “words” right now are mama, dada, and BA. “Ba” is the one he has been saying the most recently. This tidbit belongs in his 11 month update but I know for a fact that he is saying “ball” when he says “ba”. He is OBSESSED with balls and says “ba ba ba” all day long! He will also hold up a ball and say “ba”. He’s basically a genius ;).

-He is more into books now! I’m loving that fact. For a while I mourned that he never let me read him any books. Now, especially during downtime like before a nap, he lets me read him some books and he seems to enjoy it. Of course, the book needs to be short, colorful, and baby-like in order for him to stay interested. I am just excited that he enjoys a more mellow activity. His favorite book is called “Peekaboo Bunny”.

-He is starting to really point at things. I’m sure that he did it before but in the past few weeks I have noticed more prominently how he is using his pointer finger.

-He has SIX TEETH! He grew 6 teeth in 4 months. That is crazy, folks. And there are two more on the way. I say, as long as he is still sleeping through the night, let ’em come one after another. I can tolerate the tons and tons of drool because I know that the quicker those teeth come the quicker we can get teething over with.

Well, those are the highlights. Now for some pics!

Arden with baby Deacon!










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  1. So cute. Love all the details of Arden’s life. Everyday brings new discoveries. For him and you, so sweet.

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