Pictures of the Little Guy

Now, for a picture dump :) (All of these are up until March 25 when Arden turned one.)

(For those of you who are interested, I added a few tidbits to the last post. I kept thinking of other things I wanted to add. I added two sections: Physical Developments and Quirks.)

IMG_5424 IMG_5473 IMG_5505 IMG_5514 IMG_5554 IMG_5565 IMG_5630 IMG_5638 IMG_5649 IMG_5676 IMG_5690 IMG_5716 IMG_5735 IMG_5743


Now here are pictures from Arden’s birthday party, thanks to my good friends the Arrazolas who let me borrow their camera AND took the majority of the pictures from the party!! They are a little out of order…but oh well.

IMG_4662 IMG_4660 IMG_4656 IMG_4652 IMG_4643 IMG_4603 IMG_4591 IMG_4642 IMG_4589 IMG_4541 IMG_4523 IMG_4519 IMG_4513 IMG_4511 IMG_4505 IMG_4503 IMG_4493 IMG_4463 IMG_4461 IMG_4441 IMG_4414 IMG_4411 IMG_4385 IMG_4368 IMG_4348 IMG_4327

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  1. All great Molly, thanks for posting!!

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