Quick Update

Hello, all! So for over a week now I have been hashing out a super long post looking back on my first year of motherhood. Not sure when it will be ready but wanted to write an update in the meantime.

Get ready for lots of random!

So, PREGNANCY. Yeah, so we are expecting another baby! We are STOKED. I did not do a great job at documenting my pregnancy with Arden–cause you know, in the moment it’s like, how could I ever forget these details?? But most of what I remember about the pregnancy with Arden was that I didn’t get morning sickness but I did have a weirdo appetite and peanut butter and barbecue were out of the question, I craved Chipotle the entire time, I got carsick several times, and I had terrible back pain from about 24 weeks on and throughout my third trimester often had bad rib pain on my right side, presumably because a certain baby had a limb or something stuck in there. I got stretch marks. And lots of them. And I used to have a belly button. (Cue veggie tales song, I need to tell you something…I don’t got a belly button…)

Pregnancy is fun, am I right?:) To be truthful, I actually had a great first pregnancy, made a million times better by the fact that I had the luxury of sleeping in and resting when I needed because I was out of school and did not have a job. I loved being pregnant most of the time and had zero complications.

This pregnancy has been a little harder, which is to be expected when you add a toddler to the mix. I’ve been much more tired, keeping myself fed feels like a chore, and I had a very weird appetite for a few weeks– I could only describe my craving as something cold, sweet and fresh. Maybe crunchy too. But once I figured out I basically wanted fruits and veggies things got better. There are still the random Taco Bell cravings (that I have satisfied two out of the last three days, don’t judge) but Chipotle doesn’t sound very appetizing, which is so weird. Meat is kind of a toss-up. I’m at 10 weeks now and I feel like things are normalizing a little bit in this department, which is wonderful because I felt sicker than with Arden around 8-9 weeks and I was worried it was going to stick around longer. No nausea at this point unless I get real hungry. And my gag reflex is CRAZY which I never experienced with Arden. I’m supposed to be taking these humongous supplements, count it, FOUR of them. I have taken a break from them. The other night I tried to take them again and even just looking at them sent me gagging, much less smelling them or trying to swallow them. Sigh.

So now that you know way too many boring details of this pregnancy… Which, by the way, is inching by so slowly!! I was expecting it to go by faster like everyone says the second pregnancy does. Not for me. I think it’s partly because we found out so early (like, 3.5-4 weeks along) and partly because I have four pregnant friends who are all between 2-6 weeks ahead of me, three of which I see weekly at Lifegroup. One of them is already finding out the gender soon. So I feel like I should be further along than I am. I also have been able to feel my uterus for a few weeks now (sorry if that’s tmi), way earlier than with Arden. My stomach has been protruding practically since I found out. That’s a subsequent pregnancy for ya I guess!

As you can tell, I’m a little obsessed with talking about this pregnancy. I just love sharing all the little details that come with growing a baby. From the weird to the miserable symptoms.

I’m real excited about hearing the heartbeat tomorrow. I think it will help this all feel more real…

As for Arden, he is growing at a fast rate. He’s been getting taller, but more than that he has been growing intellectually. I feel like every day a new word comes out. His words aren’t still real comprehensible to anyone but Joey and me, but I love being able to understand him better. Some cute ones lately is “e-i-e-i-o”– not a word but stinkin cute. He usually leaves off the o part though–, brah bah (another variation of ba ba which he uses for everything with slightly different inflections, meaning “Brown Bear”, his FAVORITE book), and I am almost positive he said something that sounds like “one, two, three!” the other day. I wouldn’t put it past him–I’m realizing he’s a lot smarter than I think! It just takes a while for me to catch on to what he’s trying to say.

I’ll give a more detailed update on Arden after his 15 month appointment, still over a month away. As for now I will just say that he is growing ever more cute and ever more emotional/toddler-y with each day. Lots of “no no” and correction going on over here. Fun stuff!;)



  1. Love, love all the details Molly. So sweet. If you need some help in the no-no part you know I’m very good at that :)). Hugs and much love enjoy each day/moment. All passes so quickly.

  2. daniellewilson90 · · Reply

    I can’t wait for more pregnancy posts!! Such a precious time!

  3. I’m also loving the pregnancy posts! So happy for you and Joey in this sweet time!

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