The Post About the Pregnancy

Warning: this post is extremely scatter-brained. It is past 10pm so I will probably not attempt to edit. It’s basically a mind-dump of everything I’ve wanted to post about this pregnancy so far, all at the risk of sounding too complain-y, TMI-y, or like I have no life. Enjoy!–

So, I am 15 weeks along now! I must say, though…the pregnancy still feels like it’s inching by :). I keep waiting for things to go into “warp-speed” like I hear second pregnancies go. There are multiple reasons why I feel like I should be farther along (same reasons it’s hard to believe there’s only one in there!). I’ll get to all that in a little bit. It still might feel a little faster than with Arden because I’m not thinking about it 24/7. I’m mainly trying to keep Arden and myself well-rested and fed… which is taking a LOT more mental/physical energy these days (more on that in a little bit as well)!

(And yes. I realize that this pregnancy is going at the exact same speed as with Arden, and as with every pregnancy ever. One day, one week at a time.)

(But pregnancy is not the time to be told to think rationally.)


I finally feel like I am settling into a routine as a pregnant mom of a toddler. Part of this is thanks to sickness being behind me — the aforementioned stomach bug which ended up lasting five or six days, overall appetite-weirdness and random-things-make-me-want-to-gag kind of stuff. At least for the most part. Long car rides are still not much fun, and nausea still hits when I am really hungry. But I am trying trying trying to keep that from happening as much as I let it happen the first trimester. I really didn’t gain much weight at all and I know a lot of that was due to me putting napping, not moving, and exerting as little energy as possible over fixing myself food. Which became very problematic due to aforementioned hunger-nausea. Problematic because once nausea hit all of a sudden virtually nothing sounded good to eat except cold fruit and Taco Bell.

But, the routine. I wrote out a system the other day that I titled “Daily Pregnancy Routine” and have on the kitchen counter. It goes as follows…

Wake Up: Eat something. Drink water. Take Prenatal vitamins*. Have a full and filling breakfast! Take Iron supplement** and drink orange juice after if needed.
10: Have a snack and drink water. Rest while Arden naps if possible.
12: Have a full and filling lunch. Drink water. Take Fruit and Veggie supplements***.
2: Have a snack and drink Pregnancy Tea****. Drink water. Rest during Arden’s nap if possible.
4: Have a snack and drink water.
6: Have a full and filling dinner. Drink water. Take Iron supplement*****.
Before bed: Eat one more thing! Drink water******.

*These are gummy. And coated with sugar. And the only supplement I am taking that I don’t have to force myself to swallow.
If only these were gummy. So apparently blood work came back that I am anemic (really low iron) this pregnancy and need to take these Iron supplements for the rest of the pregnancy. But these supplements are in liquid form. And it kind of tastes like barf. Okay that was *almost* an exaggeration. I can’t quite put my finger on the taste of it but it’s not something I look forward to. Thankfully it doesn’t leave too much of an aftertaste.
***These are the ones I’ve blogged about before. They still make me gag nearly every time. And have a bad aftertaste. I have been SO bad at taking these. Hence my need for such a regimented system!
****This is a tea mixture the midwives gave me, to drink every day for the rest of the pregnancy. It consists of red raspberry leaves, rose hips, and peppermint. Oh, if only I liked tea. It’s actually not *bad*… I’m really hoping I acquire a taste for it. I can put as much honey as I want in it apparently. I’ve only tried it warm, so I might try it cold.

*****Yes. Twice a day. Every day.
******Notice a theme here? ;) I need to be reminded of it!!

I am proud to say that I followed this almost exactly today! It didn’t keep me from being hungry at all but I didn’t get that hunger-nausea nearly as much. Just maybe once or twice. It’s hard work keeping baby fed!

Speaking of hard work, I have got to say that I am still. so. tired. The midwives said the anemia is probably the explanation and that usually once women start taking the iron supplements it gets better soon. I really hope that’s true!! I’ve been taking the supplements for just two days now so I’ll have to check back in later about the results. I’m waiting for the second trimester energy boost as well… part of this is the nature of having a toddler, but part of this is just plain growing-a-human-being kind of fatigue. Which, as all women who have been pregnant before know is on a whole different level. Most days, I literally feel like I could fall into deep sleep at any given moment. Getting outside of the house helps some, but that’s been not possible lately as Joey has been having the car most days and it’s also been raining a lot. Plus, my little Arden love…my darling child… will not stop moving, or climbing on EVERYTHING! But I will talk more about that in his fifteen month post :).


Fun parts of this pregnancy are the parts that make me feel like I should be farther along. What I mean by that is I am showing a good bit more earlier than with Arden. Basically, my tummy has been protruding outward pretty much since I found out. Up until the last couple weeks most of that has been bloat, weak abs not able to hold tummy in, organs moving on up, etc. But now the baby really is almost up to my belly button!! So cool :). Also, I have felt definite movement! It’s not consistent, and I still have my doubts every once in a while as to whether I have actually felt the baby. However, I still have confidence because 1) Since this is my second time around I can better identify the flutters/tiny kicks, 2) it’s happened when I haven’t been trying to feel it, and 3) when in doubt, just say it’s baby, right?? ;). So I felt the first flutters around 13 weeks, whereas with Arden it wasn’t until 17 weeks.

A piece of exciting news–we scheduled the anatomy scan ultrasound!! When we find out the gender! Oh, this is one of the most exciting times of pregnancy….all the anticipation :). Hopefully the anticipation won’t eat me up too much like it did with Arden. It’s scheduled for Friday, July 18. Three weeks from this Friday. 23 days away…

People have been asking me whether I think it’s a boy or a girl. My answer is this: I have felt even before we got pregnant with this one that our next one would be a girl. And this pregnancy has been very different, so of course that raises suspicions. HOWEVER, those feelings could have just been hopes (not that having a boy isn’t AWESOME…it would just be fun to experience something different and have a girl at some point:), and pregnancy is whacko anyway and can vary even in same gender pregnancies. So basically, if I had to bet on it I would say girl… but I won’t be SUPER shocked if it’s a boy. Another boy would be fun! And easy– we already have all the clothes! And plenty of balls to go around. Plenty. And a big brother to teach him all the ways of boyhood. But, a girl would be so fun too :).

We do not have names picked out. I have a feeling choosing a name this go ’round is going to be a lot harder. Every time Joey and I talk about it we can’t agree on one single name for either gender. Joey is set on Jude for a girl (nope. Sorry Joey. For the hundredth time, Jude is not a girl name.) and Aaron for a boy (Nice name, but Aaron sounds way too much like Arden. Sorry babe!).
(Okay, and if Joey were to read this — which he won’t because he doesn’t read blogs, not even my blog, and I know what you are thinking and all I have to say is I KNOW, RIGHT?? — but if he were to read this he would say he is not “set” on anything. Which is true. But those are the two names he’s talked about the most.)


Got to hear the heartbeat yesterday :). A solid 152bpm. Everything’s looking great!

Okay. I really need to go to bed. If you read all of this… all I have to say is Wow. #kudos


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  1. Molly, love the wandering thoughts. I followed with no problem ;))

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