Monthly Archives: July 2014

To Be Content

Just some 6am thoughts. Woke up at 5:30 with a nosebleed. I haven’t had one of those since high school. But this pretty much sums up how life has been going recently ;). It’s been a hard past week. A surprise car issue that will claim our lone vehicle any day now, my big toenail […]

Random Thoughts to Pass the Time…

So today we find out whether this baby love is a boy or girl!!!! I’m thinking girl…Joey guesses boy. :) We gotta keep it fresh I suppose. Time is dragging on until 12:15, when we will leave for Georgetown (where the ultrasound place is)…so I will record some thoughts I’ve been wanting to blog. Mostly […]

My 15 Month-Old

I mean, I honestly don’t know how I can possibly describe to you what life is like with Arden at 15 months. But I will try :) Last night right before bed, I found myself talking to Joey about our Arden. I gushed over some of the cute things he did yesterday, shared a new […]

Faithfulness, Contentment, Joy and Peace in Year 23

I just need to process and document some thoughts. So much of my life looks different now than it did four years ago. Some of the differences are obvious, such as having a husband and becoming a mother. But other differences are deeper–part of growing up, I suppose. My freshman year of college was awesome. […]