My 15 Month-Old

I mean, I honestly don’t know how I can possibly describe to you what life is like with Arden at 15 months. But I will try :)

Last night right before bed, I found myself talking to Joey about our Arden. I gushed over some of the cute things he did yesterday, shared a new word I think he might have said, celebrated that he actually ate dinner, moaned about how he never calls me Mama anymore, explained the intricacies of trying to figure out whether it’s time to move him to one nap, and went on in exasperation about how all he wants to do is climb everything and it is so exhausting trying to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself and telling him No for the thousandth time to jumping on the couch or climbing on the coffee table. And I ended it with, “don’t you just love our little guy?” (To which Joey of course answered yes.)

That pretty much sums it up these days. Life with him is becoming so multi-dimensional. It is exhausting, fun, easy, difficult, and amazing all at the same time. One moment I am at my end with all. The. Climbing. and the next moment I’m laughing at something cute or ridiculous that he says or does. Some days are harder than others, and some days are more fun. But every day is rich.

So, here we are at fifteen months. He is about 25.5lbs, 30 inches tall, and still 98th percentile in head circumference :). Doc says he’s growing at a good rate and everything looks great!

He has NINE teeth now. Earlier this week I noticed that he had actually started growing one of his molars. I wasn’t expecting a back tooth to pop up next so it took me by surprise, but I’m glad there is some kind of confirmation that he is definitely teething something hard after three months of drool, drool, occasional night wakings, a runny nose, and more drool.

Eating: Oh Lord, have mercy on us. Haha. I don’t think Arden is in the minority after a good amount of Google searching, but he is just so random and unpredictable when it comes to food. Some days, he straight up doesn’t eat lunch or dinner (thankfully he pretty much always eats breakfast). One day he loves string cheese, the next day he barely touches it on his plate. Some days his diet consists of some kind of “cah-cah” (like graham crackers, goldfish, pretzels), milk, a smoothie and some baby food. There’s only so many instances of Arden not eating something or throwing food on the floor (which he has actually gotten better at) before it makes one weary of putting much work into the food offered. On the other hand, a few nights ago I made a mexican casserole that was actually kind of spicy and he ate it up!

So there really is no telling what he’s gonna do. But there are a few things that are almost always true about his eating:
-He doesn’t turn down crackers of any sort.
-He LOVES smoothies. He even gets excited now when I pull out the blender!
-He still makes the same face he did when he was four months old anytime he encounters a new food or a food he hasn’t had in a while.
-He is definitely apprehensive and skeptical of new foods.
-He still loves bread and cheese.
-He will eat just about any fruit.

Physical Activity: This section could be a whole post in of itself! Let’s see…
-He is a pro at walking now. He can walk straight ahead, walk backwards, walk sideways, and spin around in circles:). He of course still trips occasionally, but that’s among the least of our worries! Oh, and he can walk pretty fast. Like, you could almost call it running.
-As I’ve mentioned before, this boy loves to climb anything. Anywhere. If there’s a chair in sight, he’s climbing it. A couch? Sure. Any kind of ledge or raised area. He’s gonna climb it, stand on it, and maybe ask you to hand him a ball so he can throw one to you. One of his new things recently is that he climbs on this toy chest that’s right in front of his window in his room and then climbs and stands on the windowsill and looks out the window. This occurrence happens many many times a day. Sometimes he will look for dada, sometimes he will sit on the windowsill and read books, and sometimes he will throw balls back and forth with me. And he’s only fell off of it once. I’ve resigned that this is just going to be his thing for a while and to just let it be. I do draw the line though when he asks me to hand him a book (“asking” is a charitable term. In reality he says “ba-ba” over and over again), reads it, throws it on the floor and then asks for another one. This could go on forever. Finally I tell him he has to get down and get his own toys. He will usually protest that in some way, but then he either gets over it and does something else on there or gets down.
-In general, he is always on the move. Going out to restaurants with him is becoming harder and harder. Sometimes the high chairs just don’t have great harnesses and so he spends the entire outing trying to stand up in his high chair, finally being held by one of us (usually Joey) and then fidgeting so much and causing a racket because he can’t walk around and climb things that it makes one of us go just a little crazy (while the other one insists he’s fine. I’ll let you guess who does what). Oh, and in all this time he usually has not eaten much because of all the distractions. We try to avoid sit down restaurants these days…
-He loves to play this game when I’m laying on the couch, which these days is still quite a bit (because pregnancy) (and toddlerhood is tiring) (and I really love being on the couch). He climbs up on the opposite side than I am on, stands up, gets a mischievous smile, and then jumps onto me while I tickle him or whatever. And he thinks it’s hilarious! Haha:) and he does this over and over again.
-Basically, he is a boy through and through:)

-“Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball!!!” <–a very common occurrence at places like Target or Wal-Mart where there are beach balls hanging from the ceiling, big balls in a big cage, and in general many circular or spherical items. There is a section that I avoid all together at Target now because it once produced a melt-down. Needless to say, he is more than just a little obsessed with balls. If he sees one in a picture, on the TV, anywhere, he is fixated on playing with it. We have balls all over the house. He loves to just hold them, throw them, make baskets (he is getting seriously good at his kid basketball goal!), and eat them. Haha. He's been in love since he was ten months old and I don't think he's ever going back!
-"Bah-bah"s, or books. This is one of the only quieter activities he enjoys. We have a bunch of books in his room, and he could sit on the floor and read them for twenty or thirty minutes straight. Interrupted only by intervals of him asking me to get even MORE books down from the shelves :). He likes the books with the flaps to open and close the best. He loves animal books, counting books, alphabet books, word books, books with big pictures, and books that make sounds. He loves for me to read him books, and he loves to read them by himself. I love that he loves books and I hope he doesn't grow out of it!
-Lids, pen caps, tops. He loves taking a lid off and putting it back on over and over again. Like whenever I’m writing with a pen…he insists on taking the cap off the other end and then putting it back on repeatedly :)
-He has been imitating us more recently. Holding up a phone to his ear and talking, he loves brushing his teeth, pointing the remote towards the TV, etc. Adorable!!
-He loves all the men in his life! Joey, grandpa, PopPop, his uncles, etc. He is very trusting and fond of older men who play with him :).
-He loves his cousins. He gets especially excited when I tell him Lucy, Maggie and Sophia are coming over or when he sees them walking across the street out the window.

Words: Oh, man, this one is tough!! Haha. He is talking almost non-stop…the trouble is I don’t understand most of what he’s saying ;). But here’s what I can identify and remember…
-bah: ball, or if he wants “up”
-bah bah: book
-gah: water or milk. I have no idea why!
-he says words that sound like “this” and “that” a lot, usually while pointing.
-dada: he says this constantly. He is obsessed with Joey!
-seeya?: haha he always says this in question form :)
-cah cah/cowcah: cracker
-something that sounds like “one…two…three!” when he’s going to throw a ball:).
-he now growls when he sees a tiger or lion :)
– he said “purple” the other day when we were reading a book and going over colors!
-I know there is more that I am probably forgetting…and there is sure to be words that he is saying that I just haven’t picked up on. With all his babbling, there are times I know he’s trying to tell me something specific! It will come in time :).

Random cute things he does: There is too much to count. But here’s some main things…
-climbs in windowsill and says dada over and over when he sees Joey going to the car for work or coming back home :) and of course Joey comes over and says hi through the window!
-he has been getting super hyper lately especially at night and will do things like just run around the kitchen island or spin in circles:) it cracks us up!
-I love it when it sounds like he’s “reading” a book out loud or trying to sing a song.
-every once in a while if I ask for sugar he’ll smack his lips :)
-All of his babbling. I seriously cannot get enough of it!!

There is so much more that could be said but I’ll wrap it up here. All in all, we are loving this stage :). It comes with its drama and plenty of bruises on his forehead, but the cuteness far outweighs any of that. I love how he’s looking and acting more like a big boy but that he’s also still so SQUISHY and edible on every inch of his body. I love his chubby cheeks, fat toes, big belly and his thigh rolls. He is my little buddy. I love how he still likes being held and how he gives us great smiles and giggles daily. We are so blessed with this little guy!

Love you so much, Arden!!


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  1. Blessings all around for sure!!

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