Random Thoughts to Pass the Time…

So today we find out whether this baby love is a boy or girl!!!! I’m thinking girl…Joey guesses boy. :) We gotta keep it fresh I suppose.

Time is dragging on until 12:15, when we will leave for Georgetown (where the ultrasound place is)…so I will record some thoughts I’ve been wanting to blog. Mostly about Arden:).

1. So, after I wrote his 15 month post I realized I forgot some words he says AND his vocabulary has been exploding. So obviously I need to record every little thing he says so I don’t look back and think he was barely talking at this age.
-ANIMAL NOISES. I think his love for books and Baby Einstein have helped immensely in this area. When asked what a lion or tiger says he goes “grrrr”. For a sheep (with a little bit of prompting) he says ba — that one wasn’t hard for him;). For a dog he has made a dog-like noise before. And he’s even made a high pitched noise like an elephant!
-ANIMAL NAMES. He definitely has known “dog” for a while – he just makes the “g” sound though, coming out like “guh”:). But again, thanks to a Baby Einstein we watch at least every other day about animals he also says “pippo” (hippo), “ze-yah” (zebra) and probably more that I haven’t caught yet. They say the animal name and he repeats:). It’s as precious as it sounds and more.
-He says the word “shoe” a lot. Haha. He loves shoes! His shoes, our shoes, a shoe he sees in a book–he loves them all.
-I could almost promise you he said “thank you” the other day when I gave him a cracker. Haven’t heard it since…but this boy is full of surprises!
-He has tried saying at least Lucy and Sophia’s names:).
-He has a word for pizza…can’t remember exactly how he says it, maybe “p-sah” or something?
-probably more that I’m forgetting.

2. This boy is obsessed with this set of 12 nesting/stacking cups we have lately. He will sit there for like thirty minutes and work on it over and over until he nests them in order. It amazes me. That level of patience and concentration HAS to come from his daddy!;)

3. He seriously does amaze me daily. It’s the little things. Like, yesterday he picked up a napkin, put it up to his nose and started blowing out. I know he was imitating me–my nose has been stuffy this pregnancy so I have been blowing it a lot! It’s just SO CUTE to me how much he watches us and is starting to imitate us. But it’s not just imitating us. It’s the way he responds to what we are telling him to do more and more each day. He is a sponge, soaking up every word we say and I can really tell he comprehends most of it. It’s fun to try out little jobs for him like “go throw this away” or “let’s take a bath” and see him throw the napkin in the trash (and with some luck NOT take it back out again;) or walk to the bathroom and stand by the bathtub.

4. He responds to “where’s your nose?” and “where’s your belly?” :).

5. I’ve noticed that I talk about Arden a lot to my friends. I mean, he is who I am with all day, so of course every new little thing he does is awesome and it makes me want to share it. I have to laugh at myself, thinking about how in Lifegroup or something I will just randomly say, “Guess what? When we tell him it’s time to pray, he puts his hands together for a couple seconds!” Haha. Not the most interesting piece of information unless you are a new mom of a toddler. And it especially loses intrigue when you try to get your toddler to do said accomplishment in front of everyone and he doesn’t.

6. That’s another thing…Arden does NOT perform. Nope. Not at all.

7. What we call him these days: Arden Love, Lovey, Lovey Dove, Dove, Bubby, Crazy Baby/Cray-Bay, and still “Baby Love”. Because “Toddler love” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…;)

8. I love being a mom to this guy. I am so thankful for him. Even when it’s hard and exhausting, I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. I honestly cannot see myself spending my days any other way. ❤️

Next time I blog I’ll be able to finally call the tiny babe our little boy or girl! Can’t believe Arden’s gonna be a big brother….

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  1. Arden will be big brother…you will be the mother of a toddler and a newborn…let the fun begin :)). I know you will be a super-mom and be showing others how it is done.

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