A Few Tidbits

1. I am completely amazed at the human body and its ability to heal itself and create new tissue. Rather, I should say that I am amazed at the Creator of the human body! I won’t go into unnecessary detail about my toe but I will say that it almost looks like just a normal toe without a toenail. After just two weeks! It doesn’t hurt much anymore and is getting much easier to walk on. It’s still a good way away from being a normal big toe, but we’re making good progress:).

2. Arden love is going through the ringer right now. In the past month or so he has grown two molars on the bottom and is now growing at least one molar and a cuspid on the top (it’s very hard to feel around as he does NOT like being messed with, so I don’t know for sure). This boy likes to grow several teeth a time, which is great to get it out of the way, but…makes it not so great in the sleeping, eating and overall mood department ;). It’s just a season. This too shall pass!

3. In other news, this boy is babbling up a storm! Here are some other words that have come through recently —bearing in mind that almost none of these sound exactly how it’s supposed to, lest you think he has great pronunciation right now:

Smoothie, hat, “ay-o?” (“Hello”, usually when using something as a phone. EVERYTHING is a phone. It’s so stinkin cute!), “bi-eeee” (I have no idea what this means but he says it all day long), and all kinds of animal noises! So fun!

He’s also getting much better at pointing out his nose, eyes, ears and belly. He’s basically a genius ;).

4. This time next week, LORD-WILLING, we will have a car. Hopefully a minivan (yup. We’re going there. And I’m so excited!!). We are trusting The Lord for the provision we need to get what we are looking for! And we are so thankful to be able to borrow Bethany’s car in the meantime.

5. Baby girl is almost 22 weeks along. Oh, and we decided to name her Jane :). I am feeling kicks more consistently now, which is super fun. As fun as all this is though, I am painfully aware that December is still far away. Over 4 months more of being pregnant and I am already plum tired and not able to completely keep up with my toddler. Picking him up is already harder as well. Going to have to feed on His grace daily to make it to the finish line of this one!

6. Life is good. Every day I feel The Lord working contentment deeper and deeper in me and my family. At the same time, there have been some conversations Joey and I have had lately about moving forward in a few different areas. I have a feeling year four will be so different from the other three years of our marriage. I feel it – we are in a different season. It’s good, but change is going to continue and much more adapting and adjusting on my part will be needed. Not my strength, but I look forward to growing and relying on The Lord more throughout this season.

Love, Molly


  1. daniellewilson90 · · Reply

    Praying the car buying process goes smoothly! I’m hoping to get a minivan when we go for our next one ;)

    Hopefully the next four months of pregnancy bless your pants off. It’s such a sweet (albeit difficult) season!

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