Arden’s 19 Month Update

After much procrastination, I am finally writing an update for Arden. With a cup of decaf coffee in hand, Jon Thurlow in my ears, and Sunday Night Football on. My kind of Sunday night :).

(Coffee is back in, people. And I could not be any more excited about it!!)

(If you don’t know what I mean by that…well, I’ll have to post about my complex relationship with coffee at a later date.)

Oh, my Arden… what to say about my little love? He is as lively, talkative and active as ever. He is getting BIG. He still has the most handsome eyes and smile I have ever seen (besides my husband, of course :). He is a daddy’s boy. He is smart, emotive, and funny. He amazes me daily. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe he is really mine.

There is no way I could accurately and thoroughly capture the way he is at 19 months, but I will try my best!

Height & Weight: Well, as of 18 months, here are his official stats: 32.7 inches tall (a little over 50th percentile) and 27lbs 7oz (90th percentile). And just for kicks, I’ll note that his head circumference is still in the 98th percentile :). This boy has some kind of noggin.

TeethWell, he officially has TWELVE, but four more are coming in as we speak! His canines. At the same time. Fun times ;). After that, we just have the two year old molars to tackle then he is DONE for a while. *high-fives all around*

Sleeping Habits: For the most part, his sleeping habits are still pretty stable. Still sleeping around 12 hours on average at night. We usually put him down sometime between 7 and 8. He has a pretty consistent nap time of 1:00. Nap length has not been as consistent lately, but I blame that on teething. It can be anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours long.

Eating habits/Favorite foods: Let me first say, he is still a toddler. I have relaxed about the food aspect of things and just given in to the fact that his eating habits are not going to be perfect or consistent. We have had some victories recently, like him eating a carrot here and there, but for the most part his diet is not as colorful and varied as it probably should be. He still doesn’t really eat dinner consistently, especially when I serve something other than pizza or peanut butter toast. But judging by his weight gain I would say I don’t need to worry about it too much ;).
-Ah-car (meaning “cracker”. I hear this word about a million times a day.)
-Apple slices, bananas, strawberries, blueberries
-Peanut butter toast
-Grilled cheese
-Beans and rice
-Chips. Oh, the chips.
-He will occasionally eat a tomato or a carrot
-Baby food vegetable pouches. Those things are amazing.

That pretty much sums up his favorites… but I try to introduce new foods to him (usually at dinner) as often as possible. We’re taking baby steps here.

Playtime: As always, he loves playing with balls all day long. He has gotten really good at distinguishing between a basketball, football and soccer ball. For instance, he knows that you shoot the basketball in the basket (and he is getting REAL good at this), throw the football (while saying “set SUT!” adorably, of course), and kick the soccer ball. He has a blast with Joey playing ball when he is home….and during the day when he is working, I always have to be ready for a ball to be thrown at me at any given point ;). To be fair, he usually says “Ready?” right before he throws.

He still LOVES his nesting/stacking cups. Those things are amazing.

He is still fixated on building and stacking pretty much anything that can be stacked. Including recyclables from the recycle bin.

Recently he has been really into getting on our bed and jumping around/standing up and falling. If I ever don’t know where he is, I know to check in our room because he usually high-tails it to the bed the moment the baby gate is down.

He climbs. All the time. Every day. Everywhere. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the feeling like my heart has stopped beating when it looks like he’s about to take a tumble off the couch. I’m pretty sure I say “Arden, SIT” about 836 times a day.

Sometimes, he just wants to run. I’ve been taking him to the park more often because the weather has been great. He likes going down the slide and swinging, but there’s also usually a point in our outing where he just wants to run in a straight line for a while.

He likes to play the piano while standing on his big toy car.

Basically, he is all boy!

Words: Okay, so this boy talks. A LOT. I still can’t understand most of what he says, but every day it gets more evident that he usually really is trying to tell me something. And he is very confident in what he is saying ;). But the list of his discernible vocabulary is growing so quickly! I want to record as much as I can remember. I seriously wish I could just bottle up the way he is now and carry it with me forever. I guess home videos will have to do :). Now, I will say that for some of these words, I wouldn’t even know how to write out how he says it, so I will just write the word as is unless I feel like I can write it out phonetically. I will put those words in quotation marks.

Also, I will organize these into groups :)

EATING: cracker, cheese, pizza, pineapple, apple, banana, peanut butter (at least he tries!), water, smoothie, high chair, toast, biscuit, pancake, applesauce (it is SO cute when he says it!!), chip, “sish” (for goldfish, haha)

MANNERS: “peass” (for please. It is the cutest thing ever. I dare you to try and say no when he says this to you!), thank you (more like “deh-doo”), no, and, HI! HEY! BYE, SEE YA! You have never seen a toddler so enthusiastic about saying hi or bye to people :) It’s especially fun at the grocery store when we are leaving. He will say “BYE SEE YA!” to anyone in sight, while waving. It’s precious.

BEDTIME: nigh-night, blanket

CLOTHES/BODY PARTS: shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, off, naked (“geh-kid”), hat, belly

BATH TIME: “Baff”, for bath. The other day, in the middle of the day, we were playing in his room and he randomly came over to me and started trying to take off his shirt. He said, “geh-kid?”, so I helped him, and then he said “baff? baff? baff?”. Haha. I couldn’t resist – we took a mid-day baff just for him! :)

PLAY: go, outside, “I did it”, shoot, “SET, SUT! (for set hut), book, Einstein (for a Baby Einstein show), ready, “ah two ah two” (for one two one two), ball, kick, throw, circle, football

BODY PARTS: hand, eye, ear

NAMES: mama, dada, Lucy (what he refers to his three cousins across the street collectively as), Pop-Pop, Nana, Grandpa, Papa

ANIMALS: dog, hippo, zebra… he TRIES to say a lot of animals but for the normal animals like lion, sheep, elephant, etc, he just makes the animal noise.

OTHER: Oooohhh, oh wow, room, door, nice, help, up, Bible, pray, Amen, “Go?” or “Where go?” (for “where did it go?”).

I love my little chatterbox!

Quirks/Things I Want to Remember: 

-Sometimes he likes to spin in circles round and round and round and get himself dizzy.
-He checks himself out in our full-length mirror in our room– you know, like turning from side to side to see how you look from different angles. I think he may get that from watching me…. ;)
-He walks on his tiptoes sometimes. Also, does this interesting walk where he walks fast with one foot right in front of the other. Joey said he did it as a kid too. He is also really great at running!
-He gives kisses now, kind of :). He will say “mmmm” and lean toward you so you can give him a kiss. It’s precious and I will take as much of it as I can. There’s been a couple times when he has initiated with me without me asking for a kiss and, well, I might as well die of happiness and go to heaven in those moments.
-He really is a sweet and funny boy. We’ve had to focus more recently on discipline and teaching him to listen and obey, and I DO get frustrated pretty much daily at something he does, but most of the time the cuteness outweighs it all :). I have to say that I kind of dreaded the toddler stage, but so far it’s not so bad.
-I love the sound of his little feet on the floor and the sound of his giggle.
-I love when he says something new and it makes Joey and I laugh or takes us by surprise.
-I love how he still loves being held (even though it’s sometimes at inconvenient times, like when I’m trying to cook dinner…also not to mention I am getting bigger and it’s getting harder!).
-I love how he loves going nigh-night and seems to thrive on routine.
-I love the way he rubs his eyes when he’s tired, and how when I sing “Jesus loves me” while rocking him in the chair before a nap he relaxes himself and yawns.
-I love how he loves his blanket and chews on it to give himself relief when he’s teething.

Arden, I am so glad you are mine! I love you!
Love, your Mama

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