Monthly Archives: January 2015

Jane is One Month

My little baby love is one month old now! I’ve been counting the days slow yet one month still flew by. Such is the nature of these days with little ones. I don’t have much information by way of stats on height and weight, I just know that she’s getting a little bigger (I know […]

2015 thoughts

I’m sitting here bouncing a baby during Jane’s daily two to three hour awake time where I alternate between feeding her and trying to get her to go to sleep. Better now than in the middle of the night;) I thought I would record my thoughts about 2015 real quick (lucky for you, not two […]

Looking Back on 2014

Tsh Oxenreider of produced a great series of questions to facilitate in reflecting on the past year. I went through the questions mentally yesterday but figured I would document my answers while the year is still fresh in my mind. Enjoy and feel free to do this yourself — it’s not too late :) […]

Meet Jane Rebecca

She is now twenty days old; twenty days, and not a day more. I’ve been counting and savoring each day. She came slowly and fiercely at the same time, a story I will blog about at a later time. She is a beauty, and a picture to me of God’s grace. She gave us a […]