Meet Jane Rebecca

She is now twenty days old; twenty days, and not a day more. I’ve been counting and savoring each day. She came slowly and fiercely at the same time, a story I will blog about at a later time. She is a beauty, and a picture to me of God’s grace.

She gave us a hint she was coming soon while we watched the Wheel of Fortune on a Monday night, December 15th. She made her dramatic debut at 6:49am on December 16th and was delivered straight to my chest, something I will never forget. The picture I have of her in my mind crying on me and then calming down and looking at me for a while is one I hope is seared in my memory forever.

She was almost a whole pound less than Arden was when he was born, 7lbs, 12oz, and over two inches shorter at 18.5in. She was petite and dainty, but still had some good arm and thigh rolls, so she didn’t feel scrawny. She had perfectly round cheeks and beautiful plump lips. The few times her eyes were open it was plain she had dark blue eyes just like her older brother had when he was born. In fact, I remember thinking to myself that she reminded me of someone else’s baby picture. I realized that she reminded me of Arden when he was born! Comparison pictures prove this to be true. As she grows older I can see more differences between them.

Joycelyn (my midwife) said that Jane was one of the pinkest, healthiest looking babies she had ever seen. She passed all her tests and has been healthy as a horse since. She was a dream in her first days, very sleepy but still interested in eating (a lot!). She had only lost 2oz at 4 days old and was 6oz over her birth weight at 2 weeks.

She had (and still has) a great, classic newborn cry. She also squeals sometimes. She’s overall a pretty content baby, though she’s had some gas/reflux issues recently which has made her more sensitive and uneasy. She’s a GREAT cuddler, as most newborns are, and I am thoroughly enjoying all the lovely snuggles. She prefers to be held while she sleeps but she will also sleep in her crib. She likes to be on her tummy.

She is more than I could have dreamed she would be; beautiful, feminine, sweet and altogether lovely. Here are some pictures from her first twenty days.

IMG_0032 IMG_0045 IMG_0082 IMG_6781 IMG_6791


  1. She is so beautiful! Congratulations, Molly and Joey!

  2. All together lovely, so true. Hugs and kisses.

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