2015 thoughts

I’m sitting here bouncing a baby during Jane’s daily two to three hour awake time where I alternate between feeding her and trying to get her to go to sleep. Better now than in the middle of the night;) I thought I would record my thoughts about 2015 real quick (lucky for you, not two thousand fifteen thoughts like the title might lead you to believe).

I failed miserably in my very lofty goals for 2014. I don’t even want to rehash them but to sum it up my main personal goal was to own and take care of a singular plant, inside or outside, and despite having twelve months to complete said goal I did no such thing.

So this year I’m keeping it simple and attainable and involving nothing that I have to purchase. I want to put my time, energy and giftings into being a more gracious, patient and excellent mom to my kids. This probably won’t mean conquering making tasty and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners (I’ll probably be hanging on for dear life in this area just like every other year) but hopefully it will look more like me being more present, our house feeling more peaceful even when it looks chaotic, and the Bible being the rock on which I stand and the primary teaching tool with my kids.

To achieve this goal I need one thing: Jesus. I need to stay humble and dependent in Him. And that’s something I need more than I need a household plant.

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