2 Month Update

Hi there. I’m Jane and I’m two months old. Well, 11 weeks and one day to be exact. 

At two months I weighed 10 lbs 6 oz and I finally graduated out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month clothes. Some call me small, some petite; I like to refer to myself as “dainty”. Just as a little lady baby should be. 

I have some great lips and cheeks. Let’s take a look, shall we?

My mommy tells me my nose is pretty cute too. 

I’m a girl. So that means I have some emotions. 

What? I only cry when I’m hungry. Or tired. Or bored. Or just want to be held. Or every single time mom takes me to Target and big brother is behaving and I’m not in the wrap. Or for reasons I don’t understand. Any ladies out there feel me? any solidarity with my sistahs?

Every time mom figures out what I wants, I reward her with some pretty sweet smiles. I’m pretty simple, you see. 

See? I’m the best. 

I sleep sometimes. And for some reason my mom likes to take pictures of me when I’m asleep. 

Month #2 was pretty eventful. I met the other babies I was around while I was in the womb. 

(Isaac Parker born 11/6, Lily Ann born 11/19, Isaac James born 11/24, and me of course) 

I also met my Great-Grandma Suzanne and Great-Grandpa Wayne. They were pretty cool. 

I have some cute baby toes. 

All in all, life is pretty good. I love my mom and dad and recognize them and talk to them when I’m rested and happy. Speaking of, some say I look like my daddy when he was a baby. 

I like making eye contact, talking, when my mommy sings to me, and toys that light up and make noise. 

I do NOT like my car seat. Nope. Don’t even get me started. 

Anyway, gotta go. I’ll check back in when I turn three months. 


Baby Jane Rebecca 

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  1. Sweetness for sure thru thru!!

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