Jane at Four Months

I’m going to confess something. Four months is not my favorite baby milestone.

IMG_1768 IMG_1874 

I know what you are thinking: what’s not to love about this sweetness?

IMG_1947 IMG_1990 

Truth is, I love my four month old to the moon and back. She is the peanut butter to my jelly. 

IMG_2059 IMG_2081 IMG_2117 

Jane Rebecca Wahlquist is my jam. I cannot get enough of her!!!

IMG_2202 IMG_2307 IMG_2366 

Her cheeks, the chub she hides all in her thighs, her beautiful blue eyes, all her smiles, her energetic spirit. The way she loves to be looked at and smiled at and held and talked to. 

But Four Months in of itself? Not so much my jam. 

Let’s just say that Four Months brings sleep to an all-time low and ‘tude to an all-time high;). 


I get it, Jane. You are growing. A million things I will never know about or understand are happening in your brain. You have successfully rolled over both ways, yet for some reason, just like your big brother did, you forget how to roll back over from tummy to back and you get more than just a little frustrated. Over and over again. You have discovered that you love your feet and when I swaddle you and take your feet away you get a little upset. Not to mention the fact that I am taking you out of the action (which you want to be apart of at all times, please). Who needs sleep???


Turns out you and me both do. :)

But Janie Baby, I seriously cannot resist you. Even when you wake me up for the third or fourth or fifth time at night. I crave your smiles, your squishy cheeks up against mine, your laugh. I love you so much, sweetie! 


You met your cousin Eamon in your fourth month. Yall had a blast together:) I so look forward to seeing your friendship develop. Many cousin giggles and shenanigans are in the future, I’m sure with Arden at the helm. 

Here’s to you, sweet thing! May month five bring more smiles and more sleep. Can I get an amen? 

{{update: at almost five months, the four month craziness has dialed down a little. We are sleeping a little more now. For those of you who were concerned;)}}


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  1. I care Molly Doll and sweet Jane!! Here’s to more sleep.

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