Jane’s 5/6 Month Update


It has come to this…combining month updates! I guess that’s part of the second child life. I love you, Jane. 

And it’s probably going to be quick. And I will add pics later. 

Janie baby, you are so many things. You refuse to be outdone in personality or attention by your big brother. You and him are going to be great playmates one day! Your energy is unbelievable. Constantly kicking your legs, flailing your arms, and using your amazing pipes to test out how loud you can get and to remind everyone around that you are there. 

You are incredibly happy. 

Unless you are unhappy. 

There’s not really an in between;)

But your smile is just the SWEETEST. I love how your smile puffs out your cheeks and makes you look like you are hiding gum balls. It melts me. 

Recent developments:

-sitting up! You are still a little wobbly but you are loving this newfound way to be a little more in on the action. 

-sticking out your tongue and making subsequent tongue noises. It is so cute. 


-Sleeping longer stretches at night!!! Mercy. We have been waiting for this for a while. You usually go down around 6:30/7, then I either dream feed you or you wake up around 10/11, then you will sleep until 5am, eat and go back to sleep for another 2-2.5 hours. Glory. 

-you are getting better at napping. Two 2-2.5 hour naps a day!! Swaddle, paci, darkness and a hefty feeding are the keys to success. 
At your six month appointment, you weighed 14 lbs 2 oz, coming in at 25th percentile in height and weight. You are tiny but mighty. People usually comment on your petite frame, and then once they get a chance to hold you, how strong you are! Looks can be deceiving. 

But that noggin of yours is large and in charge just like Arden’s. You join the big head club at 90th percentile in head circumference. 

You hold most of your chub in your thighs and it’s amazing. 

You have the bluest of blue eyes. 

I cannot be happier with you. Every once in a while I secretly wish that you were a little more “chill” and content, but then I hold you and you smile at me and my heart glows with thankfulness for your sweet, energetic, joyful spirit! I wouldn’t have you any other way. And I mean that. I’m so glad you are mine. 

Love, momma

One comment

  1. Love this quick update. Can’t wait till you guys are close and these two know me!! Well as much as you can know another ;))

    Love you Molly Doll and continue to pray for you. My mom was very petite in height, I believe a little shorter than you.

    Please pray for me as I pray for you.



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