Monthly Archives: July 2015

This Old House

In honor of saying goodbye to this house in three days.  This house became part of my story the day we got engaged. It started out as an exciting adventure, something to spice up our lives. We began our marriage with a bathroom, an oven, cabinets, and a mattress on the floor that Joey had […]

Jane’s 7 Month Update

Janie baby is growing growing growing — less in the physical sense, and more in the way she interacts with us and her little world, in the way she plays and eats and sleeps. She’s growing physically too, just ever so slowly:)  She feels and looks (and let’s be real, sleeps) like a four month […]

A Prayer for Eyes to See

Lately, my prayer has been to have eyes to see.  Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see the grace of God everywhere. Let it result in thankfulness even in the hardest moments.  Help me to see my kids where they are at and choose to love them in their imperfection. To acknowledge that my toddler […]