Jane’s 7 Month Update

Janie baby is growing growing growing — less in the physical sense, and more in the way she interacts with us and her little world, in the way she plays and eats and sleeps. She’s growing physically too, just ever so slowly:) 

She feels and looks (and let’s be real, sleeps) like a four month old but “talks” and eats beyond her months. She has been babbling up a storm recently. She has already said “dadadada” and “mamamama” at 6.5 months, and is moving onto more complex noises already. This feels soon to me, but it might just be a difference between girls and boys. I think we’ll have another major talker on our hands:). As for eating, we have pretty much skipped baby food and gone into finger food territory. She has taken to it so well!! Baby food was nothing but frustration because she would just grab the spoon from me and make a humongous mess. She’s apparently miss independent cause she really likes feeding herself. So soft finger foods it is. And let me tell you, she will eat ANYTHING I put in front of her. THIS IS UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY FOR ME. Arden was never like this, and still isn’t. It’s so funny how opposite they are in so many ways. 

She sits up like a pro, and likes to be held and to stand on my lap, but she is not looking like she wants to try and crawl yet. Which, trust me, is cause for zero complaints over here!!

As for sleeping…we’re just going with the flow here. I’ve given up on the idea that one day I’ll sleep train and I’m just rolling with what is and not rocking the boat in the midst of all the changes we are going through. She gets two naps a day, for about 1.5-2 hours, so I can’t complain much even though I have to basically feed her to sleep. She still wakes up 2-3 times a night, but that has been par for the course so far so I’ve gotten used to it. I know this won’t last forever. (I mean…Right?? This too is unfamiliar territory for me…Arden was–and still is–a dream when it came to night sleep, except for when he was 8-10 months and went through crazy separation anxiety at night.) 

Over all, she is just as happy as can be:) Her smile is the SWEETEST I have ever seen and her cheeks are still the best. She wakes up happy, is happy when she gets to eat food, loves being looked at and smiled at and talked to, and smiles all the way to bedtime. The only times she isn’t happy is if she wants to be held and I’m busy or when she gets swaddled for naps or nighttime. But when she is unhappy…watch out:) there’s not much in between for this little lady. 

Love you, Jane!! 

            THIS SMILE. See what I mean? Pure sugary sweetness. 


Hard to tell in this picture, but I just tried giving her a bath and, yup, SHE STILL HATES BATHS. Oh well. She has to take to them eventually, right??



  1. Molly, love your ‘go with flow’ attitude. Really it’s the best way to approach all of life. Love the pics. Each one is precious in His sight.

    Can’t wait to have more Molly time!!

  2. Molly love your updates on your sweet kids. I saw Arden at church Wed night and he was being so good. Jane will be a talker no doubt, its in her genes. She is such a cutie. Reminds me of you and Bethany at that age. I look forward to more frequent snuggles with you and Jane soon. Love to you all.

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