Jane is 8 Months

Favorite things: rubbing her head on Joey’s beard, trying to crawl, playing peek a boo, talking, EATING ANYTHING. Being a total cutie pie.

Dislikes: being put to sleep, being put in the car seat, playing by herself for too long. Being fed baby food.

Newest developments: She finally likes baths, looks like she’s thinking about trying to crawl, and just the past couple nights (at 8.5 months) she has started waking up only once instead of three times. Praise the Lord.

Petite, sweet as sugar, spunky, energetic, lovely, beautiful. You are all these things and more, my Jane!

IMG_4762 IMG_4816 IMG_4931 IMG_4984 IMG_5017 IMG_5044 IMG_5060 IMG_5097 IMG_5127 IMG_5132 IMG_5152 IMG_5161

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