Jane’s 9/10/11 Month Update

Well, this is just pathetic. I accidentally somehow deleted my update post when I posted that post with the pictures of Jane.

I would just let it go, but I figure I can’t let a post go that had to do with three months of her life.

She is still a tiny little thing, though she is growing. She is in 9 month clothes and in the 15th percentile as of 10.5 months, 16 lbs 12 oz. Don’t be fooled by her size, though, she is strong. I don’t think she lets her size get in the way of anything. Oh, and she still has a big head too, 93rd percentile.

She has a crazy appetite. Food is the absolute joy of her life. She will eat pretty much anything, too. Favorite foods are banana, grapes, peas, and cheerios and GOLDFISH. She loves the goldfish most of all.

She is VERY mobile now. She is a seriously fast crawler and she is pulling up now too. She mainly follows Arden around and tries taking whatever toy he is playing with/knocking down a tower he’s building/bothering him with her existence, etc. As little sisters do.

She is sleeping through the night finally, and she takes two naps. We have come a long way. I have even gotten her to a place where I don’t have to nurse her to sleep. It’s a new day, people.

She is energetic, spunky, vocal, sweet, and just lovely as ever.

Love you, Janie baby. Sorry I’m so behind on everything with you. Thank you for trusting me, loving me, and giving kisses. It’s really sweet. Here’s to making it to almost 11 months together. Love you sweetie.

[incidentally, I have actually recovered the lost post thanks to Mama. So here it is. She gets a double update now.]

Well, as evidenced by the lack of update, the past two months have been very eventful to say the least. Not only has Jane changed and grown, but we have successfully moved into our house!! It’s a rental, and I plan on blogging about it soon to give a “grand tour.” But for now, it’s all about the baby Jane. 

I am amazed at how different of a baby Jane is now than when we moved to Houston three months ago. I’ll try to accurately capture all her developments. 

(And to be clear, she is 10.5 months now. So most of this info is where she is at right now. Sorry, 9 months.) 

Size: She is still a petite little thing, but she is definitely growing. And make no mistake, this girl is STRONG. I am constantly amazed at her strength. She does NOT let her size get in the way of anything she wants. She rivals her big brother when it comes to will and determination. (Unrelated: pray for me. I’ve got two strong babies on my hands)

Appetite: I will just say this- food is the absolute joy of her life. I’m not sure where the food goes, but some days, she eats more than Arden does. And she will eat pretty much anything. 

Mobility: she is definitely full-on crawling, and now starting to pull up. She is fast too. She started crawling around 9.5 months. 

Sleep: PRAISE THE LORD she is sleeping through the night. She wakes up every once in a while but it is way better than the three times a night she was doing just a couple months ago. I’m so thankful. And it really just happened randomly. She takes two naps during the day and we are finally at a place where I’m not nursing her to sleep. Lots of victories the past couple months, that’s for sure.

Teeth: she’s got two bottom teeth, a top tooth and another top tooth being worked on. 

Other: she’s been giving “kisses” lately and it’s the best. She claps her hands, dances, and loves herself some goldfish. 

Love you, Janie baby. I’m sorry I’m so behind this time around, on pretty much everything. It’s been a hard year. And you my lady are almost a year!!! I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to the 12-month mark for a while. But I promise to try and soak up this last month or so of your babyhood. I know all too well it goes by so fast. Thank you for loving me and trusting me and bringing excitement and joy and spunk into our family. You are the perfect addition. Love you so. 

Jane stealing Arden’s grilled cheese

Jane’s face when I took it away


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