A prayer for Mercy

In the wake of all that is going on in the world right now, I find myself lost for words and simply praying for Jesus to have mercy. And of anyone who has ever walked the earth, He is the one who even has the capacity to really and truly have mercy and compassion on everyone suffering, whether suffering at the hands of deception and their own sin or at the hands of evil. So here is my prayer for mercy. 

Make my heart to feel the weight

The grief, fear, the sorrow of the stranger

And yet, a light and easy yoke 

The portion of the Author of my faith 

Jesus, the Victorious One

The Slain Lamb 

Yes, and weren’t You a homeless stranger when You walked among men? 

Didn’t You flee evil, even as a child? 

You know. 

Weren’t You a man of sorrows, well-acquainted with grief, One whom the world did not esteem, despised and cast aside? 

And yet You interceded on their behalf, a plea for forgiveness for their ignorance 

You see and You know
Yes, You are a merciful High Priest 

Tender enough to have compassion 

On the homeless, sick, unmerciful and evil

The forgotten, the murderer, the victim

Strong enough to hold the weight of the cries of a dying world 

A world grabbing for what it needs 

Taking because it wants to gain what only You can give. 
You see and You know. 
And my heart could crumble under the weight of the suffering of just one, 

But You see and You know the suffering and the depravity and the sickness and the pride and the sadness of all

And You love 

And Your finished work is strong enough to welcome all who would only come 

For there is yet room in Your Father’s house.
So Jesus, have mercy

Give mercy, speak mercy

And let Your hands heal what is broken. 

Have mercy and even so, please come

And visit a sick and dying world. 

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