Monthly Archives: May 2016

Little Miss Jane at 17 mo

I know I just posted about Arden a couple days ago, but I can’t help but want to post about Jane as well:)  Jane is 17 months, and SASSY AND SPUNKY as ever! She is so incredibly smart–very skilled especially in the areas of communication and interactive play. She is my little socialite. She wants […]

Arden at Three Years Old

Here’s just some snapshots of Arden at 3 (and a couple months)… He constantly surprises me with how SMART he is. Especially when it comes to building things, figuring out how things work, and constructing. He is very perceptive and interested in creating functional structures. I love this picture: one day I was doing stuff […]

On Mother’s Day, for Arden and Jane

Maybe this is what it looks like, To carry in the body the dying And the death of Jesus.    Perhaps it really isn’t about me, And to find my life I must lose it And this is how it should be.   Maybe in a world of my life my story, It can feel quite […]