Arden at Three Years Old

Here’s just some snapshots of Arden at 3 (and a couple months)…

  1. He constantly surprises me with how SMART he is. Especially when it comes to building things, figuring out how things work, and constructing. He is very perceptive and interested in creating functional structures. I love this picture: one day I was doing stuff around the house and then I saw this! I had absolutely nothing to do with it; he did it all on his own! I love how proud of himself he looks :)   
  2. He is still so incredibly lively, spirited, charismatic, charming and just FUN! So much it scares me sometimes if I’m honest ;).
  3. He’s doing a great job at making friends and loves playing with other kids! He’s starting to do more than just side-by-side play and actually play back-and-forth games with other kids all on his own. His best friends right now are all his cousins (of course!) and Deacon.
  4. He is very in tune to emotions, of both his own and other people’s. He’s sensitive–which does not at all diminish his strength, in fact I think it adds to his overall strength. He feels very deeply and intensely, a quality I am no stranger to;)
  5. He is one strong-willed, persistent, and extremely determined boy. When he is focused on an activity, goal or thing, it is very hard to turn his attention away!
  6. As far as speech goes, he is getting much better, but he still babbles a lot and repeats after us — something that was extremely cute when he was 1 and 2, but now that he is three is turning into a bit of a problem :) It hurts my heart when I can tell he wants to communicate something but can’t, or when he’s around other kids his age or even younger and it is really apparent how behind he is. For that reason, at the recommendation of his pediatrician, he is in speech therapy. We’ve been to two sessions and we love it!! He’ll be doing sessions once a week probably for a year. I think it’s going to be really good for him. I feel confident that this will give him the boost he needs to catch up.
  7. His favorite activities at home are building (Legos, Magnatiles, wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs), playing with cars/trains/trucks, puzzles, coloring and drawing (right now he’s working — all on his own intiative! — on learning how to write the letter A and draw other random things that pop into his mind), climbing EVERYTHING, bouncing on his trampoline, and reading books.
  8. He can count to 20 with near accuracy, sing the ABCs, and identify all his colors and shapes and body parts. He is a very quick learner when it comes to vocabulary and other random skills. I’ve even started a building block of teaching him music — I’ve shown him middle C on the piano  and he can remember it first try sometimes! He has an amazing memory. Like I said, he’s a really bright kid :)
  9. He is becoming quite the polite boy. He loves saying “thank you, momma,” “good job, mommy!” (that one makes me laugh:), and “no, thank you.” We don’t ever have to remind him to say those things anymore.
  10. He’s starting to “pray” at the table before meals:) He’ll say, “Dear Jesus, *babble* thank you for food *babble* we love you AMEN!” I love it!


I love being Arden’s mom. It’s challenging most days, but the joy he brings to our lives makes it SO worth it! It really is a privilege to be his mom. To be the one entrusted with his incredible spirit, the one who gets to spend the most time with him, and the one who gets to see all the best and worst and be with him in his highs and lows (and vice versa!) — well, it’s something I don’t take lightly.

Now, here’s some pictures of him, from Oct 2015-May 2016.

Love you so much sweetie!!


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  1. gentry1943 · · Reply

    Love the story, love the pictures, love Arden. You are a great Mom. Love you, papa

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