Wrestle, I must wrestle.

Wrestle despair to the ground,
Wrestle my feelings, 
Because my Reality bends to their will 
And my thoughts betray me. 

I wrestle with present evil,
Why so many are poised to kill, 
and why so many don’t have to care–
But I care,
I need to care, 
I hope you care;
I lament and despair. 

I wrestle but I can’t see, 
God, I wish I could see,
Can You hear me?
You hear, You speak, You have sight 
Maybe this is faith,
Wrestling in the night,
If only it wasn’t such a fight.

I wrestle for freedom I don’t feel, 
Freedom for my brothers and sisters,
Freedom I can’t see 
Freedom that MUST be.

I wrestle for the easy yoke You won when You died for me
Sure doesn’t feel easy
Maybe just a little more wrestling, 
And I’ll see. 

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