Oh, what it must be like 
To live in a land that will not claim you –
The Mockery. 
Now, I see. 
Taken from your home;
Have you even made a home here?
Can you call a place “home” 
Where you fear? 
Where safety is for the privileged-
The Mockery. 
Now, I hear. 
He salvages every tear, 
Every cry in pain, 
Prayer is not in vain. 
“Vengeance is the Lord’s; He will repay.”
But what could be paid? 
What could be said, 
For centuries
Of Mockery? 
Fathers shot down without the privilege of the
And then comes
the Mockery. 
It keeps me up at night, 
Wondering, what it must be like, 
To fight to prove you are worthy of existing 
Against so many who fight to prove 
Why they deserved to die:
Created in His image 

Maybe it’s a game to them, 
The Mockery. 
Justifying the imprisonment, the death 
Of your Father 
And then blaming you 
For Fatherlessness. 
My soul will not let me rest. 
Human life, the bare minimum of existence 
Why can’t they let you be? 

Color of skin, given at birth 
why must this be 
A liability? 

I see Jesus, He knew 
By His family, His teachers, 
His closest friends. 
And yes, they found a reason to kill 
Even the Spotless Lamb 
While religious leaders cheered on 
For the victory-
Oh the Mockery,
The lengths fear and hate will go to 
Sanction execution 
At the hand 
Of the Law. 

He sees 
He hears 
He knows,
This Man of 

I refuse to be counted with the scoffers,
But choose to mourn for the suffering 
And beg for His mercy, 

Thy Kingdom come 
Thy will be done 
On earth as it is in heaven. 

One comment

  1. Wow Molly, so good. I must share to one and all. Man of sorrow. When our hearts feel this pain and suffering.

    Please pray for me as I pray for you.



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