Monthly Archives: October 2016

When it’s a Fight

Honestly, there is a lot clouding my perspective right now. This pregnancy has been very difficult, far more difficult than with my first two. There’s the sickness that I can’t escape but for a couple hours at a time. There’s the exhaustion that I think I’m past, only to find myself in bed for most […]

8 Weeks/10 Weeks 

8 Weeks  10 Weeks  I want to try and take pictures every other week to document the growth of the babies :).  I am now 10 weeks and my current hobbies are forcing myself to eat food (even though none of it is really appetizing) (because I apparently have to eat) and also keeping myself […]

One Day at a Time

October 4, 2016. A Tuesday. Joey met me at my doctor’s office for my first prenatal appointment.  I will never, ever forget the first sonogram.  The memory of Arden and Jane’s first sonograms are fuzzy and generic: a few quiet seconds before seeing the white blob and hearing the fast heartbeat, then a breath of […]