Monthly Archives: November 2016

14 Week Update

14.5 Weeks with the twins At 14 weeks I am….IN MY SECOND TRIMESTER!!! Praise the Lamb. It is possible I will never experience the first trimester again and I am OKAY with that to say the least.  Babies are apparently 3+ inches long which is cool. I get to see them again in a few […]

I Do Not Mourn for Me. 

You ask me why I mourn. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable, or perhaps you presume that I mean to say that my blame lands on you. Maybe you are not quite sure what do to with our grief, with our prophetic cries that something is not right. Well, unity, sounds easy, now, let’s be civil… Let’s just […]

12 Weeks

12 weeks today, but measuring 16 weeks! (Meaning uterus is average size of a singleton pregnancy at 16 weeks.)  Starting to feel a little better, PRAISE GOD! Nausea hasn’t gone completely away but it’s MUCH more manageable. Now if my appetite would just come back that would be awesome.  Feeling a tad more energized as […]