12 Weeks

12 weeks today, but measuring 16 weeks! (Meaning uterus is average size of a singleton pregnancy at 16 weeks.) 

Starting to feel a little better, PRAISE GOD! Nausea hasn’t gone completely away but it’s MUCH more manageable. Now if my appetite would just come back that would be awesome. 

Feeling a tad more energized as well. I feel like I’ll be coming out of the fog soon. Just ONE more week in the first trimester😊 

Saw the babies on sonogram today and it was truly amazing. I know I just saw them three weeks ago but they have grown so much. They look like little babies instead of blobs with heads. My favorite moment was seeing Baby A kicking Baby B in the head😝 it’s looking like Baby A is going to be much more active…but holding out hope for a calm Baby B🙏🏻 pleeeeeease Lord. Also, while You are listening, can I have one of them be a good sleeper? I know it’s unrealistic to expect both of them to be angel babies. But I can believe for one to be😇 

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