18 Weekd

Picture taken at 18 Wks 

As I write this I am currently 19 weeks…but the 18 week part fell during Christmas break so it just never happened. Snapped this picture quickly right bwfore leaving for our little family’s Christmas Eve Eve celebration :) 

Well, overall I have to say I am feeling much better — AS LONG AS I take my nausea medicine. There have been two days in the past month where I forgot to take it and it was not good! 

However, fatigue is still a big part of my life–there are days when I find that I could literally sleep all day if given the opportunity. Growth spurts maybe?? And I am definitely starting to feel pregnant. Like, it’s getting harder to bend down, I get worn out easily just from walking, feeling bigger…definitely feeling close to how I feel at the start of the 3rd trimester with my previous pregnancies…at 18 weeks. Truthfully I am probably measuring somewhere between 24-26 weeks along so that feeling is not far off. 

Current difficulties also include picking names 😬 it’s going to be a while!! 


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