24.5 Week Update

Me at 24.5 weeks; measuring 29 weeks (compared to a singleton pregnancy)

(I know I missed the 22 week pic and update…but I had a rough few weeks somewhere in there of getting sick with stomach bug/allergies/cold etc so it just didn’t happen.)

24 weeks!!! Big milestone, because this is considered the age of viability outside the womb if (heaven forbid) something were to happen and they had to come super early. It feels good to make it to a major milestone! 

Life at 24 weeks is….uncomfortablešŸ˜¬  I have a lot of trouble finding comfortable sleeping/sitting positions, mostly because most positions make it more laborious to breathe. In fact, at my ultrasound today, laying down, I got SUPER light headed and had to tell the tech I needed a break because breathing was difficult. Laying on my back, walking, doing dishes, showering…these are things that wear me out these days:) 

Today was a big day though: did my glucose test, appointment with my regular OB and then an ultrasound with my MFM doc. Babies are looking great! Baby A is 1lb 11oz and Baby B is 1lb 12oz – which is amazing because B has been smaller than A this whole time. It’s great to see them at about the same weight. The only concern was that B’s amniotic fluid levels were a little big, which made Dr Tam Tam concerned about the possibility of Gestational Diabetes. So I have to wait for the results from the test this morning and we’ll go from there… it wouldn’t affect a whole lot seeing as how I’m already being monitored very closely, I would just be put on a more restrictive diet. So we’ll see. 

I loved seeing their little faces today. I got some great 3D pics of their faces which I will hopefully figure out how I can share soon (they are on a CD). It’s all feeling more…soon. And real. It’s crazy! And we have GOT to get started on the nurseryšŸ˜¬ 


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  1. Hugging you and your babies with prayer.

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